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Sep 30, 2006 09:23 PM

S'agapo in Astoria

Going there for dinner this weekend. Any recommendations?

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  1. The eggplant dip is fab, and so is the grilled chicken salad. I love S'Agapo! Wish they were in Park decent Greek food here.

    1. all their dips are great, and I love the horiatiki.

      1. Made my frist S'Agapo trip. Got the large dip platter which, though not all that large, was delicious. Really excellent eggplant, very nice beet and potato dips. I also highly recommend the loukaniki (lamb sausages seasoned in olive oil and lemon - high in flavor yet light on grease).

        Only complaint: our surly waiter who didn't smile, make eye contact, or attend to us, even when we tried desperately to get our long-empty water glasses refilled. Especially disappointing, since the hostess (and owner, I think?) welcomed us as though she'd personally invited us for dinner. Anyone else experienced frustrating service?

        1. I did- went to lunch with my boyfriend during the summer. We sat outside and had to get up to find the waiter numerous times. The food was good- although expensive for the amount you are given. The service was definitely a disappointment- made us not want to stay for dessert...

          1. here's the deal with s'agapo.

            number one it's THE BEST GREEK FOOD in NYC. Barbara Lambrakis is THE BEST HOST in the city. It reminds me of being in Paris at a neighborhood bistro with amazing food. There are in such places a group of old and impoverished "regulars", favorites of the owner.

            The truth is that these odd ball old regulars...many are pensionier europeans, DO seem to grab Barbara's time. I guess she is not very "profit" oriented. I beg you to give the service a chance. Become a regular and feel the wash of love and attention.

            it'll make up for past sins of neglect.

            my husband, a retired big-shot attorney, who is a fab cook himself and can afford to eat anywhere choses to have Sunday dinner at S'Agapo every week...and I agree. Barbara lavishes attention on us, helping jack with his coat and chair.

            I've even seen barbara walk an older and tipsy guest down the street to his building on more than one occasion!

            for any regular it's a wonderful place to call home.