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Sep 30, 2006 09:22 PM

Ethnic fish/veggie dishes in Long Island City/Sunnyside/Woodside?

We are looking for an interesting meal tonight in the above mentioned neighborhoods in Queens. We are sort of afraid to chance Sripraphai on a Saturday night. We've been to Tangra in Sunnyside, and weren't overly impressed (although if anyone recommends any specific fish or vegetarian dishes there, I would consider giving it a second chance).

Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas for an interesting meal that does not include beef, chicken, or pork, and is not Italian or straight-up Indian (not that Italian and Indian are uninteresting, we've just been eating a lot of it)?


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  1. If you willing to trek it on over to Jackson Heights which is very near the neighborhoods you mention, I would recommend a Peruvian restaurant. We have Inti Raymi or Punto Fijo. Both serve ceviche, jalea (all seafood dishes) as well as other fish options. Both are also order friendly in that they can adjust dishes to your liking. Inti Raymi is on 37th Avenue around 86th Street, and Punto Fijo is on Northern Blvd. around 86th or 87th Street.

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      thanks for the prompt reply! Sounds great, the thing is, it gets a little more complicated because we can't eat shellfish either (only fin fish) - do those places have options for that?

    2. They do offer fin fish selections. I believe I've seen trout and red snapper on the menus.