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Sep 30, 2006 08:52 PM

Best Peruvian in 5 Boroughs?

I've been to Coco Roco, and really enjoyed it, but was then told by a Peruvian that it's 'inauthentic'. Never quite sure what to make of that comment when I enjoy the food, but by the same token, I haven't been to any others as good as Coco Roco. I have also heard that there's good Peruvian in Queens. Anyhow, who knows where to go?

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  1. Here's a piece for the NYT from 2002 - a good start on your hunt -

    1. Pio Pio on 91st and 1st ave and also located on Northern Boulevard in Queens is great food, great atmosphere and mucho cheap. Real find

      1. alexgourevitch,

        Here is a list of Peruvian restaurants on my to eat list. I'm sharing them with you but just report back and let us know.

        La Pollada de Laura
        102-03 Northern Blvd., Corona
        #7 to 103rd Street.
        Killer ceviche, way cheap prices

        Punta Sal
        100-05 Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills
        Subway: E, F, V, R to 71st Contnental: Q23 to Metroplitan Av,
        The forte here is Peru's coastal cusines, but this restaurant offers a range of dishes from throughout Peru.

        El ANzelo Fino Restaurant
        (2 Locations)
        25-39 Steinway St., Astoria
        Subway: G, V, R to Steinway St.
        98-01 Jamaica Ave., Woodhaven
        Subway: J (Z at rush hours) to Woodhaven Blvd.
        Full range of traditional Peruvian food. The Astoria location is more attractive than the Woodhaven one.

        Inti Raymi
        86-14 7th Ave., Jackson Heights
        #7 to 82nd street or 90th St.
        Named after the Peruvian holiday that pays homage to the sun god, an important god in Incan culture. A full-service Peruvian restaurant that serves Peruvian breakfast
        on weekend mornings. Don't miss the spapas rellenas.

        Roast Chicken/Peruvian
        Pio Pio
        2 (locations)
        84-13 Northern Blvd., Jackson Heights
        #7 to 82nd Street
        The rotisserie chicken is the big deal here. The Jackson Heights location has style and pizzazz.

        Pio-Pio 1746 First Avenue 212.426.5800.

        El Malecon (Amsterdam between 97th and 98th Sts.) - roast chicken

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        1. re: designerboy01

          El Malecon is Dominican, not Peruvian.

          1. re: Pan

            You are right. I'll refile that under my Dominican list.
            Thanks! After reading the reviews I want to go there now.

            1. re: Pan

              And (sorry to break the news if you havent yet read the Outer Boroughs Board), La Pollada de Laura has new ownership... no ceviche.

              1. re: Steve R

                I thought it was gone altogether. Either way...

            2. re: designerboy01

              Firstable I went to all this places that you mention and the food rate goes from bad to regular I was dissapoint ,besides Punta sal , anzuelo fino and la pollada de laura is already closed.

              1. re: designerboy01

                Flor de Mayo
                2651 Broadway
                New York, NY
                and also

                484 Amsterdam Ave
                New York, NY

                It's a Chinese/Peruvian restaurant. good tasty food.

              2. Thanks for that folks, especially designerboy01. I'll report back when i get the chance!

                1. Well, just to report back on the Peruvian excursion. We went to Pio Pio and weren't that impressed. The Pisco Sours were good, though weak. The chicken was very tasty but no better than at other places I've been. And the huge mound of fried food was, again, tasty but nothing special. The ceviche was a touch better than the mains. But I think we're going to try some of the other places, even if they don't have Pisco Sours.

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                  1. re: alexgourevitch

                    I believe that Pio Pio and Sipan might be owned jointly. At Sipan, they had Pio Pio matches.

                    1. re: Marco

                      The owner of Pio Pio has a total of 5 restaurant in queens, manhattan and the bronx.