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Sep 30, 2006 08:30 PM

Peacock in Long Branch?

I saw a post regarding this Indian restaurant, but I'm not able to find any info on it anywhere. Is it still open? Is it good? There's really not much Indian in the shore area part of monmouth.

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  1. (Reddy's) Peacock Alley used to be on Ocean Avenue in West End and it was okay but not better than that. Then it was Reddy's West End Grill and Bar. It has since changed hands and is now a kosher restaurant called "656 Ocean ('an American Bistro')," a pleasant enough space with an expensive menu and not very good food.

    There is a semi-attached sports bar called "Stingers," with a DJ on Saturday nights, "Mario." It's all rather surreal; and not particularly helpful if you are looking for Indian food in the shore area, which we seem to lack.

    On a separate topic, I understand that the Portuguese restaurant Pearl of the Sea at Ocean Place has closed but the owners have opened another place on Broadway uptown named Pearl of Lisbon which will have basically the same menu.

    And one further aside, I am told that the owners of Dish in Red Bank are opening a venue called Side Dish in Sea Bright. They will be doing the bulk of their catering operation from this space, and hope to be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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      I haven't tried 656 since it went kosher this summer, but I found the food to be pretty good when I went last year. I guess that they are doing the kosher thing to get the year round crowd.