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Sep 30, 2006 08:22 PM

chestnuts in toronto

where can I find a) fresh chestnuts and b) marron glace in Toronto?

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  1. not sure about fresh, but i have seen marron glace at williams sonoma (expensive!) maybe whole foods?

    1. I saw fresh chestnuts at St. Lawrence Market (south building) this morning. Downstairs at one of the fruit and veggie stands.

      1. It is the season, fresh chestnut are every where! If the are any asian markets close to you they are sure to have them. I did see them at St. Lawrence too. As for marron glace. My favorite place to buy them is at Simon Marie on Cumberland, but I am always in search of other sources. One time I walk into and expresso bar and found very reasonable priced italian candied chestnuts (place is gone now). They were pretty good. So keep your eye peeled, they might be available in italian grocery stores too.

        1. I've seen marron glacés at Daniel et Daniel (Carlton and Parliament) a few years ago. I'm not sure they still sell them, though.

          1. Fresh chestnuts should be available just about everywhere over the next few months. Be sure the shells are affixed tightly to the contents and that the contents are solid. Also watch out for any worm holes.

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