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Sep 30, 2006 06:23 PM

Fact or Fiction - Sabrett dogs near Amoeba Records?

Cruising up Ivar this morning from a car wash, I noticed a hot dog stand with an umbrella touting Sabrett hot dogs. Hot dog lovers will know that the only place (supposedly) you can get these hot dogs is at some stand in Westlake Village all the way in BFE. I didn't have time to stop and pick up a dog (stand was being set up anyways), but I am totally curious. I will be back some time today - but in the case any hound has staked this place out, please report. If this proves to be false, then that's the most blatant false advertising I have ever encountered.

The stand is on the corner of Ivar and Sunset (as of this morning).

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  1. You can get Sabrett dogs all over LA. Vienna Beef natural casings are the ones that are tough to find.

    Steve Doggie-Dogg

    1. you mind sharing where else you can get the hot dogs? and i'm not just talking grocery stores. thanks.

      1. For a time, the hot dog cart across the street from the County courthouse at 1st & Hill had Sabrett's. I've seen a different proprietor there lately, and haven't asked whether he carries them too.

        But I also know that I've seen a number of carts around (most likely in the downtown area) sporting Sabrett's.

        To me, they're not worth any extra effort to find, as they don't really have that "snap" that the best natural casing dogs have.

        I think I read that the Wiener Factory in Sherman Oaks uses Sabrett's.

        1. I'm from NY and to me Sabrett's isn't the almighty as some Californians think. Wouldn't surprise me if half the places you see a Sabrett's umbrella aren't serving a Sabrett's hot dog.

          Vienna or Hoffy natural casing dogs are just as good if not better than Sabrett's.

          Use the search bar above and put in "hot dogs" and you'll get a wide range of opinions and better places to go than trying to search out the elusive Sabrett's hot dogs.

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          1. re: monku

            Give me a NATURAL CASING VIENNA POLISH Dog anytime over anything else! Good luck finding them in LA. But I did find the distributor in LA that will sell them by the case, special order only! 100- min.

            1. re: russkar

              Who and where are they? I could be very interested.

              1. re: monku

                Goldberg and Solovy , Vernon (LA) 323 581 6161. Ask for W/C , say you want to special order. Order the Vienna Buns also. This is wholesale only so don't mess up! 100-min. 1 case is around 35-40 (1.80 ea approx)

                  1. re: monku

                    Yup. Unless you have a wholesale account, G&S won't deal with you for any less than a $100 order through will call.

              2. re: russkar

                russ, and others you can get if i'm not mistaken vienna beef polish, japaleno, and other dogs all at Hollingshead's deli in orange, only on saturdays though.

              3. re: monku

                I find Sabretts, Vienna Beef and Hoffy to be three completely different things. Sabretts is wet inside with a slightly rubbery casing and a lot of garlic in the spice. Vienna Beef is just about the perfect dog, juicy without being wet, snappy casing and smokey spice. Hoffy is a bland thing with occasional crunchy chunks of "mystery meat items" (especially the Hoffy Polish).

                Steve Doggie-Dogg

                1. re: monku

                  sorry..sabretts r the bomb....

                2. HI guys,
                  I own that hot dog cart! (Devilicious Dogs)
                  They are the real deal. I also offer the "pushcart" onions from Sabrett and warm kraut. You can find my cart in front of Screen Actors Guild M-F. I am going to look into the Vienna polish sounds good! Thanks for the advice. Come by the cart and have lunch if you get a chance.

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                  1. re: deviliciousdogs

                    ARe you also posted next to the DMV on Vine and Selma? I came to look for on a weekday around 4pm to no avail....

                    1. re: deviliciousdogs

                      Let's become friends, and eat hotdogs, and become hot dog enthusiasts to the nth degree.

                      Then, we'll hold degrees in hotdogology and master the arts of hotdoggery...

                      Man, I love hot dogs.

                      I don't really understand nitpicky behavior when it comes to hot dogs. Even the bad ones have a good quality to them: They're hot dogs!

                      Although I'm a natural casing fan.

                      1. re: deviliciousdogs

                        i've been trying to find a sabrett dog...????