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Sep 30, 2006 05:56 PM

Delicious pulled pork sandwich (Mpls)

I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich this morning (yes, this morning at 10:30 -- is that too early for pulled pork?) at the Mill City Farmers Market in Minneapolis. I bought the sandwich at Black Cat Catering table at the market. The pork was organic pork from one of the farms that sells at the market; it was perfectly cooked -- a little smoky and not fatty. They made their own BBQ sauce which was nicely balanced -- sweet and spicy, but not too much of either. It was served on a great roll from Rustica which was able to hold up to the meat. On top was delicious cole slaw -- tangy and not too creamy. Your opportunity to get this great sandwich is limited. The market is only open for three more weeks (through October 21) and they only have the pulled pork from about 10:30 to 1:00. I would highly recommend it. For non-pork eaters, we also really enjoyed their curried squash soup.

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  1. A second thumbs up for Black Cat's pulled pork sandwich. I ate one a few weeks ago at the Mill City Farmers Market.

    Like you, I ate it before 11am and thought it was a bit strange to be snarfing down a pork sandwich that early, but it was undeniably delicious. I picked it up last thing as we were walking out of the market and that sucker was gone before we were at the car only a half block away (and mommy & chowpup didn't even have a morsel of it).

    Just like one of the teaser headlines on this week's Onion front page: "LOCAL: Sandwich Doesn't Make It From Front Door To Car. page 3E"

    1. oh, i had to go check it out, and sure enough - what a treat! I ate it right at noon, so it wasn't too strange, but ir was delicious nevertheless! great tip!

      1. Based on the raves here, I had this sandwich for breakfast this morning around 10:30. Deeeee-lish. The woman running the stand hadn't ever heard of but was gratified to know that her sandwich is a topic of chowish conversation.