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Sep 30, 2006 05:37 PM

Nice new update to expand/collapse

We like the plus and minus sign in the upper right corner of replies and that the entire post can now be collapsed and expanded. Thanks.

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  1. I agree. Or rather, I would agree if it worked. It seems like it comes and goes.

    For example, right now no posts (new, old, previously viewed, whatever) have the expand all/collapse option. Where did it go? It was there three hours ago, now it it is gone.

    Further, yesterday it was available and I clicked 'expand all'. All expanded, but there was no 'collapse' option. Why?

    It is definitely a good thing, but it needs to work.

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    1. re: rotochicken

      It only works when one is logged in. "Only Show New Posts" is the option to collapse again.

      1. re: limster

        I'm always logged in, but the expand/collapse feature hasn't worked entirely smoothly for me either.

        1. re: limster

          I thought that myself, and triple checked, logged in, logged out, logged in again, etc. before posting.

          Of course, it is working fine now - and I haven't changed a single thing since my post about 1 hour ago. And I even see the 'only show new posts' offering for the first time, so I'll take that as a sign of improvement.

          EDIT - 20 minutes later not working - and I haven't changed anything. Again, all threads are fully open with no 'only show new posts option'. In the upper right of the page my username appears with a 'log out' option and I went to multiple posts from bookmarked posts on MyChow (i.e. I am logged in).

          In the end it isn't such a big deal, but mildly irritating nonetheless.

          1. re: rotochicken

            None of the posts will collapse if you've read everything. If that's not the desired effect then please tell us.

            1. re: Engineering

              Yes, I see now that is exactly what happens.

              To me, that seems a bit confusing, and inconsistent. Would it not be a lot more useful if ALL of the posts would collapse when you have read everything in a given thread? That way, you would see at a glance that you have, in fact, read everything.

              If you see the posts are NOT collapsed, wouldn't that seem to suggested that you have not yet read those posts? In which case, under the present system, you find yourself re-reading posts you have alrady read!

              It seems to me that consistency would be a better practice: A collapsed post would ALWAYS be a signal that it is a post you have read. Then an expanded post would always be an indication that it is a post you have not yet read.

              1. re: Engineering

                In case I wasn't clear, sometime I'll open a thread from Hot posts which does have new posts and the old posts are not collapsed. These are topics that have started on the new software and not from before the conversion, and that I have read before. When I scan for the new material, there is something there that is new and posted within the last few minutes and that I have not read before. This is intermittent and doesn't happen every day since this feature was introduced. Typically it will affect a handful of posts consecutively and then everything will revert to working again.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Here's the most recent thread where this has happened, opening it just now to see the new post -
                  All the posts are expanded, not just the new one and I am logged in.