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Sep 30, 2006 04:51 PM

Ethnic near Chicago History Museum?

Am heading to the opening of the Chicago History Museum tonight and looking for suggstions for some good ethnic chow in the area of North & Clark. Turkish, Mexican, Meditteranian, Italian, Thai??? BYOB a plus, but not necessary.


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  1. The area around the History Museum is an upscale one and while there are a several Italian Restaurants and sushi bars, etc., they seem toned down and Americanized. The more truly enthnic places are in the various ethnic neighborhoods such as Pilsen (Mexican, despite its Czech name), Humbolt Park (Peurto Rican), Devon Ave. (Indian and Pakistani), Archer Heights, (Polish), to name just a few. You would probably get a lot of suggestions if you post again listing the types of ethnic cuisine you like.

    1. I know I am late in replying but there is Adobo Grill on Wells, across the street from Second City. They are neuvo Mexican and I think it is very good. I go to the one on Division a lot, the only draw back that it might be a bit noisey. Or atleast the one on Division is.