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Challah in the Boston Area

I had a challah last week that was brought down from the Boston area and it was fabulous!! Almost cake-like and very sweet. Any suggestions?

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  1. Probably from Cheryl Ann's Bakery in Brookline (Chestnut Hill); they are delicious and very sweet. Some people feel that they are too sweet but I love them.

    1. Yes, Cheryl Ann is considered a public safety hazard because you must buy an extra one to eat in the car on the way home, and you know what that can do when driving on Boston-area roads....

      (just kidding)


      1. This waws definitely Cheryl Anne's. BTW, you can find her challah in several stores e.g. in Metro west- Dewar butcher shop in Wellesley, Volante's farm in Needham.

        1. You might also try Bodavi Bakers at 551 Comm Ave in Newton. Not as sweet as Cheryl Ann's, and in my opinon better.

          1. Cheryl Ann's hands down. You can buy it at the Shaw's in Commonwealth Ave. if you can't get to the Butcherie in Brookline. I also love the challah at Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline.

            1. Cheryl Ann's it is! Thanks.

              1. If you live near Arlington or Wellesley, I also recommend Quebrada. I have not tried Cheryl Ann's, but have tried many others that are recommended by folks in the know, and carried all over the Boston Area. I grew up near NYC and am a Challah fiend. Quebrada, to me is in a class by itself. It is rich and moist, sweet, but not too sweet. Definitely more bread than cake. It is NOT yellow, but definitely egg-rich. Really wonderful. After all the posts I've read here (and on the Arlington List) I've got to give Cheryl Ann's a try, but I encourage those Challah seekers to do the same with Quebrada, especially if you live near one of the shops.

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                  What was your favorite challah when you grew up near/in NYC? I'm curious because Cheryl Ann's was brought down to us and it was clearly better than anything we have had.

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                    Hi, Eliznan!
                    Hope you had an easy fast! I can't remember any particular challah--it was so long ago. But I grew up in Oranges, my parents were from Newark and the Bronx, and they brought home what they liked. Now Bagels and sloppy joes, I have clearer memories of the taste and where we got them. I've posted before about these delicacies.

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                    Quebrada challah is fantastic. I greatly prefer it to Cheryl Ann's. That's where I go when I can't make my own.

                  3. Rosenfeld's in Newton Centre is an award winner.

                    1. Remember last year when High Rise sold dozens of uncooked (doughy in the middle) Challah. It ruined our holiday and many others. I think they had egg on their face, no pun intended. This year they were extra careful I assume.

                      1. It was probably Cheryl Ann's. I love it too, but it is sold in so many venues these days that it can be stale. Best bet to buy it at the bakery. I equally enjoy Quebrada and Rosenfeld's as others have also stated.

                        1. Clearflour makes challah on Fridays. It's available after 10 a.m. and is excellent. It's only slightly sweet and the texture is perfectly chewy, as opposed to crumbly. For those of you who remember Lederman's challah, this is as close as I've found to that.