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Sep 30, 2006 03:17 PM

Need good falafel etc. for celebration at home.

I've read all the internet chatter and I can't make up my mind. Falafel King sounds mediocre. Gaby's Mediterranean is not really reviewed anywhere. Taverna Tony? Maybe Moishe's in the Farmers Market? I'm on the West Side, but if it's worth the shlep...

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  1. I love Amir's Falafel and Top Falafel -- Amir's is in Studio City on Colfax and Ventura, Top Falafel is behind the Burger King at Coldwater Canyon and Victory in NoHo.

    1. If you are near Westwood Blvd., get takeout from Sunnin.

      1. I have a fondness for Falafel King from my UCLA days (when it was still the dank hole next to Stan's Donuts). I think their falafel is good while their meat items are often dry. If you go there, go to Westwood and not the satellite one on the promenade. Not even sure if the promenade one is still there since I don't live within walking distance of the 'nade anymore.

        Personally, while I like other things at Moishe's a lot, I find their falafel to be bland.

        But I'll second Top Falafel if you're willing to go that far. That place pretty much rocks!

        1. I really like the falafel at Gaby's, crispy outside with a nice inner texture (not mushy!) Their hummus is good, and their baba ganoush is excellent, kind of smokey tasting. Since you're on the west side, why not stop by for a veggie plate? No one knows your taste better than you! ;)

          One caveat, Gaby's isn't known for their fast service. I don't know how they'd do for a catered event. (My experience has only been at the one on Venice & Motor.)

          1. Try "Westwood Burgers & Falafel", used to sell only burgers, now new mgmt and sells falafel too. A new player, worth a try! 1945 westwood blvd.