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Sep 30, 2006 02:24 PM

Bmore - Zen West

Anyone been to Cafe Zen's new sister restaurant - Zen West? Apparently opened earlier this week...would love to know what people think.

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  1. I am curious too, saw it a few weeks ago - it's Mex or southwestern?

    1. I had lunch today. I have to say, someone in there must have spent time in TX. The salsa had a nice smokey note to it and carried some serious heat, at least as far as most east coast gringoes are concerned. I had the steak tacos which I found to be quite tasty. The pico de gallo that came with them was very hot, right at my threshold. Which I loved, by the way; it's about time someone stood up to wimpy tex-mex. If you want it wimpy, then go to Chipotle. Hell, the pico is on the side, so don't use it if you don't like spice. But if you do, fire it up baby!

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        Someone there seems like they have NEVER even been to Texas!! There are never ever beans in Texas Chili. Zen West's "Authentic Texas Chili" was a bowl of refried beans with added chucks of cooked-elsewhere beef, not the slow simmered pot of beef and chilis it should be. They really should have done some research. Also, raw garlic in salsa is not only not authentic but a very bad idea. And find the limes and cilantro please! Place is cute, but they need help in the kitchen. Very disappointiing.

      2. mmmmmmmm, what else was on the menu??

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