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Sep 30, 2006 01:27 PM

Todd English Tuscany at Mohegan Sun

Has anyone been? Is it decent?

Is so, are there any menu items not to be missed?

Seems fairly expensive, but I don't mind paying
for quality.

Appreciate the advice.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Had a nice lunch there last weekend although there were mixed opinions (one thumb up and one down) for the antipasto table. I had a very servicable homemade gnocchi with a simple Tuscan-like sauce. My 83 year old Italian auntie laughed at the menu's description of the meatballs as "handcrafted". We all agreed that "footcrafted or armpit crafted" would not sell nearly as well.

      1. went for lunch buffet about about 1 yr. ago-thought it was
        very good

        1. I think there's a point where you can spread yourself to thin. (Ask Michael Shlow) I have had a few good meals at Tuscany, but was never wowed. The prices are outrageously high and there's a lot of Todd English pimping that goes on there, but it may be the best place to eat in the casino, so -

          Is it Olives or Figs? No way. Is it marginally better than the Italian down the 395 strip? Yes. I know I won't eat there again unless Todd has one of his panini grills to my head.