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Sep 30, 2006 01:11 PM


I went to Brunoise this past week after an absence of a whole summer and part of the spring.The menu has changed as there are a few more things,prices are same but who would ever coplain about that.The effort that these 2 guys put into their food,staff and ambience is the best you can get in this city.I think they have been copied as Montreal now has alot of neighbourhood restaurants of this kind.
I also have to mention that the cooking standards of this place are what most people expect-honest,well seasoned and balanced,but most of all it is well done and simple.It is know wonder that Zagat gave them the highest rating.Simply put-they really know what they are doing.
If you can get a reservation -make it a point,it just is that good that it deserves to be not missed.

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  1. I agree completely with you. We had dinner there last week as well and had a great time. Interesting location! The food was very good and well presented and I thought that the prices were a real deal. I have not seen a prix fix for below 50 buck in to many places, especially for this caliber of cooking. I'll go again for sure. Cheers.

    1. Agree! We just ate there twice within a week in Montreal. On our second visit we took "business associates" there who also really liked it. I still can taste the mussel bourride!

      1. They have a new tasting menu- but caveat. We went for it last night, and while it was certainly delicious, there was no overlying perspective as to how the different courses might balance with each other. After the sweet bread, scallops and beef, and then the rabbit wrapped in prosciutto, I had the feeling I might keel over and die.
        In the end, we both thought we would have been happier with the regular prix fixe.