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Sep 30, 2006 08:04 AM

Goleta or Carpinteria farmers markets?

Hello, and thanks to Jalama M. and Cambriahound for their kind and prompt responses to my earlier market query. Santa Barbara lists two Thursday markets, at Goleta and Carpinteria. If anyone has browsed these, do either have a good representation of local products, and which might be the nicer of the two? thanks again, peace

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  1. I guess it depends on what you are looking for, as Carp is beach town and the market in Goleta is at the Costco shopping center- I guess I would choose depending on what else I was looking for that afternoon- Carp means Tinkers and a walk on the beach, Goleta means hitting Linens and Things before the market, heehee.

    there are little extras at each market that make it special, guess it'll depend on what you see, not me!

    Tuesday in the late afternoon in SB is fun, but the grand daddy is the am market Sat in SB.

    1. What types of "little extras" are at each market?

      When I was visiting SB in July, I got the best corn I've had in years at the Saturday farmer's market. Also picked up some incredible walnut oil. I'm in SB a lot, so I'm interested in the other markets as well.

      1. The walnut oil, isn't that THE BEST!!

        That oil is grown on a old ranch on Santa Rosa Road in Buellton, called Rancho La Vina. It is basically across the road from Sanford and Benedict Vineyards. The lady that makes the oil, from her families trees, says she wakes up and promptly puts down 2 T of walnut oil. Everyday she does that- yikes!!

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          is this oil avialble in any local stores, JM?

        2. As far as the "little extras", that is something you'll only find if you go...every week in our local paper, they do a 3 item update on what is new at the weekley markets. A grower from Los Olivos has some great peppers, but not always-same as the gourd lady from Ballard Canyon- you never know when she'll be at the Sat SB market selling her cool apple gourds. Or the guy from the hills above Carp- his strawberry figs- you basically have to eat them at the market, or else they are shot by the time you get home.

          1. You can order it online, and it is available in some stores (below). Fair warning -- it is freakishly expensive and was out of my budget at $25 for a 500-mL can, but it tastes so great that I couldn't pass it up. It lasts for 7 months when kept in the fridge.

            From the La Nogalera website:

            "La Nogalera Walnut Oil is available at gourmet shops, markets and wine tasting rooms from the Santa Ynez Valley region to Lompoc, and at Lazy Acres, C'est Cheese and Tutti Frutti in Santa Barbara. In Orange County it is found at Promelis Market, Cafe Zinc and Pascal Epicerie."

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              All of this info is great and we'll take a diversion this Thurs, and hit the big Sat. market in the future. The transitory nature of the fruits and veg's and the non-commercialized varieties like the figs is exactly what gets market addicts like me going. everyone, messages much appreciated.