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Sep 30, 2006 07:16 AM

Myrtle Beach

Coming down in a few weeks.

Liked Parson's Table in Little Silver, and Thoroughbreds in MB, any other non chains in that realm?

Liked some of the chains in area since they were new to us, but like to keep away from them if possible.

Any good Italian places? We are staying in North Myrtle Beach.

Husband loves seafood and shrimp. Especially any local seafood.

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  1. I have enjoyed the fried oysters and fried grouper balls at Bimini's near Galleria Mall. Little hole in the wall kinda place. I know you said Italian, but a great recommendation for French is The Library.

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    1. re: SweetPea

      Thanks, we'll be at Sands Resort, and I think we turn down by Galleria, so may check out Bimini's.

      However, from what I have found about the Library it seems to be someplace that you need to be dressed up.

      Since we are traveling don't want to bring dress up clothes. So how dressed up casual can you be without feeling out of place?

      One other question, just read something about maybe Southplace Market, that I think is in that general area of Galleria, it is now being turned into another restaurant.

      I've only been to MB once, so forgive if I'm confusing places.

      How about places to eat just over the border in NC? again husband loves seafood, wish we could get down for a shrimp festivle sometime.

      1. re: hummingbird

        I think nice casual would be fine. You might want a reservation.

        I've been to southplace market and it's really nice. It is right there at Galleria. Haven't been since March so I don't know the status.

        I have seen recs for NC seafood - you'd have to do a search on old threads.

        If you keep going past Galleria towards the beach, there's a little white produce stand on the left by an intersection. I think it's across from an Irish pub of sorts. Anyway, the guy there has great fresh shrimp. But being October, I don't know if he'd be open - might just have limited days.

    2. Try Umberto's at Coquina Harbour on Hwy 17 for great italian. Phone number 843-272-1176.

      1. Italian - Benny Rappa's in North Myrtle Beach

        Flamingo Grill in Myrtle Beach (excellent seafood)

        1. Another great italian spot is Luigi's. They bake all the bread.They are located just off 67th north, Myrtle Beach.

          1. I liked Umberto's in N. Myrtle Beach. Food was excellent and reasonably priced.
            I ate at Rossi's a few years back, OK but expensive.