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Sep 30, 2006 05:35 AM

Pondering: How would you dress up and serve fast food to give it a gourmet twist, hypothetically?

I think this idea arrived while I was thinking of a Taco Bell cheese quesedilla. What could you do to that thing if you brought it home still hot somehow, put it on a warm plate and drizzled just the right sauce or added just the right garnish?

What about other fast food specialties. If you had to bring them home from the drive through and make an elegant meal out of them, how would you attempt it?

Hypothetically anyway?

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  1. Breakfast is too easy. I’m not sure if they still do it, but at one time the pats of butter had the McDonald’s logo pressed into it. I always thought that was cool ... and funny.

    Anyway ...

    Add hollandaise to the Egg McMuffin

    Add country gravy to the sausage biscuit

    Top pancakes with fresh huckleberries and crème fraiche. Garnish dish with a sprig of fresh mint.

    A lovely mimosa can be made with the orange juice

    Or a shot of whiskey and a bit of whipped cream on top for an Irish Mc Coffee

    Drape latkes, uh hash browns, with smoked salmon and serve with a side of sour cream.

    Quarter pounder with Boursin and arugula

    Order a plain quarter pound ... bun burger, that is it. At home place arugula on bottom bun and spread top of burger with Bourin.

    McFries with smoked sea salt and Heinz tomato roasted garlic aioli

    Order fries without salt. At home sprinkle with smoked sea salt (or salt of choice ... fleur de sel?)

    Blend packages of Heinz catsup, mayo and cloves of roasted garlic.

    Pomegranite shake (add pomegranate molasses to vanilla shake & blend)

    Well, there really is ANYTHING that could be done to the shakes. Add fresh peach or apricot & blend. Add crème de menthe to the Shamrock shake.

    Fresh chocolate chip ice cream cookie sandwich

    Ask for soft serve in cup and get an order of cookies. At home spread ice cream between the cookies.

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      The latkes sound inspired - and I may have to try the McFries with smoked sea salt and Heinz tomato roasted garlic aioli!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. The salmon with latkes idea I stole from a chef.

        However, it never occurred to me until this topic that those hash browns really are latkes. Get a bagel from McDonald's, the hash browns, add sour cream and applesauce, a little cream cheese on the bagel and you're good to go.

        I think you hit a new topic never discussed or even thought of before.

        People doctor up canned foods, and other than defeating the purpose of fast foods, why not. I've added cherry tomatoes to fast food salads before. Actually I'm finding the idea of the McBoursin quarter pounder appealing, but maybe with watercress.

        I'll bet a lot could be done to mashed pototatoes.

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          Perhaps carrying Grey Poupon around in the car. Hmm.

        2. Most of that improves a lot just by being plated and eaten with flatware and glassware. Of course, the same is true of any take-out. Even the church fish fry if you take it home.

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          1. re: yayadave

            So true. Have you ever tried Fish 'n' Chips on a nice, large, white, plate with a wedge of lemon and some kale? Looks FAB!


          2. If I had to live on fast food for some reason but had access to my own condiments, I would:

            1) chop the fried chicken from Bojangle's or Popeye's and top with a chicken curry gravy (Jamaican style). This could be served with a plain salad from wendy's, and maybe slices of their baked potato that had been browned in the oven. perhaps a little lemon and salt over the salad and potato.
            2) take a mc d's hamburger (w/no condiments) and add a creamy blue cheese like humboldt fog. serve w/their hasbrowns and aioli. a salad w/lemon would be good too.
            3) mc d's apple pies split and presented w/lots of home made whip cream.

            it seems the only way to enhance fast food is to keep on adding more fat! i wonder what the fat limit in fast food will be...