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Ottawa restaurants near Elgin & Somerset

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Hi, all

coming to ottawa for traing this week. stay in Lord Elgin Hotel from monday to friday. i won't have access to car. can you suggest some restaurants in walking distance ( inexpensive to mid-rand price)? i love spicy food and beers.

thank you all.

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  1. Just down Elgin street (about 5 blocks south at 370 Elgin) is the Manx pub. They have good food and a great selection of beers. There are quite a few restaurants down the Elgin strip. You are in the heart of downtown and if you search previous threads there are many restaurants that are within walking distance.

    Enjoy your stay.


    1. There are few good restaurants that are close to Lord Elgin:

      1. Genji Japanese Restaurant - on Lisgar (between Metcalfe & Elgin) - recommend that you try the set dinner with Sapporo beer. Price is very reasonable.
      2. Second Cup for coffee - corner of Elgin and Lisgar
      3. Johnny Farina Italian restaurant - on Elgin

      All within walking distance!

      1. You're also fairly close to the Byward Market. Not always the greatest food, but its worth taking a walk over some evening. Cut through Major's Hill Park on the way if the weather is good, some great views of the River and Parliament.

        I like The Black Tomato on George St. There's been some contentious back and forth about it on this board and the service is sometimes not the greatest, but the food is pretty good and it has a nice atmosphere. I like their beer selection too.

        There's a great coffee place, Planet Coffee, tucked behind it in a alley way. Always seems to smell like fresh cookies and they make an amazing Chai latte.

        Another favourite is Memories, at the corner of Sussex and Clarence. It specializes in more lighter fare (really good sandwiches) and wonderful desserts.

        I also second the recommendation for the Manx. Its great.

        1. A 10-minute walk down to 280 Metcalfe will bring you to a real Ottawa institution, the Colonnade Pizza joint. Canada's best non-gourmet pizza, with generous cheese that actually has a taste not that gloppy flavourless mozz so beloved of PizzaPizza and similar travesties ! The service is friendly, the two large rooms turn over quickly, there is lots of choice beyond pizza and the tab is very moderate.

          1. Nothing in ottawa is very far! In the spicier food department, all within walking distance try:
            Sri Lankan: Ceylonta (downtown)
            Trai: Khao Thai (market)
            Mexican: Ahora (market)
            Sushi (okay, not really spicey, but you can load on the wasabi and ginger): Gengi (downtown) or Wasabi (market).

            Enjoy your trip!

            1. thanks for the replies.

              indeed, everything is not too far away in downtown. i had the chicken "something" Rotti at Ceylonta tonight. although i request something spicy, this one is nothing but spicy. i forgot to ask what kind food it is so i got this one plate with some kind of scramble chicken, egg and rotti i guess. not tasty and i didn't find much chicken either. the vege soup is tasty and litle spicy, i like it. total bill $18.

              maybe i am ordering the wrong food. btw, the front desk at lord elgin recommened 'east indian company'.

              had a beer in the hotel bar which i regreted afterwards, not much choice and expensive.. arh, i should know..
              next try will be Genji Japanese Restaurant and Manx Pub.

              now i need to find some lunch spots nearby (maybe "memories") during the 1 hr break.

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                How was your dining experience at other Ottawa restaurants? Would like to hear your experience.

              2. For tasty and relatively quick lunches in the market, the back of La Bottega (Nicastro's) has a take-out sandwich counter and a very small eating area for a small assortment of dishes. The food is fresh and good. La Bottega (is a small Italian grocery) is located on the Market side (York St) almost next to the Bay entrance.


                1. East India Company is indeed great, but buffet style, which doesn't suit everyone (ok, me, since I never feel like I eat enough to justify the cost), but the asians I know always order from there for parties, etc, and their food is delish.

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                    had dinner buffet at east india company. bit surprised that they served buffet during dinner. many selections and tasty. nice decor as well. the indian cheetah beer is OK though, didn't find it differ from the regular beer.
                    after the dinner, me and another guy ended up on the patio of this 'irish pub' ( sparks and elgin if i remember correctly ). they have a good selections of beer. i would imagine it would be a great patio for summer.

                    hm. on monday night visisted Geiji, it is actully just one block next to the building where the training taking place. stared the menu for good few mintues and didn't know what to order :) so me and my friend chose the set dinner. food is good but not great. then we tried to go to the Manx pub. but it was full (pretty small pub, i think) and live music was on..

                    a local recommended "Green Papaya" thai resto. tried go there during lunch and it was packed, apparently reservation is needed ;-0 i will check out this place tomorrow.

                    so far good food and good beer except the weather. rain ;/

                  2. The "patio" pub you mention sounds like D'Arcy McGee's - its a favourite with the political crowd.

                    For good thai, you're not too far to stroll to the market - Khao Thai on Murray Street is a favourite of Ottawa hounds.

                    1. was reluntant to go to chinese restaurant but dragged into this little one called "royal treasure restaurant", 774 somerset st west, just the SW corner of somerset and rue lebreton nord. i have to say this is the best food i have had in ottawa so far! tasty cantonese food and big portion. reasonable price as well. $42 for two without tax ( 3 dishes , 1 tsing tao beer )

                      had three dishes. deep fried shrimp, Szechuan Kong Pao Chicken and my favoriate chinese dish: Stir-fried bean leaves, was called "chinese green" in the restaurant. the kong pao chicken was OKAY and i had much better ones (read authentic) in china, i should have picked something else knowing that this is a cantonese restaurant.

                      a local recommended "Yangtze" but i didn't get to try it.

                      anyway, just came back toronto tonight and thanks for all the suggestions. over all, during the 5 days stay, i enjoyed 'royal treasure' and 'east indian company'. also the "D'Arcy McGee's" beers.

                      had takeout (green beef curry with coconut milk) on wednesday night from "green papaya". i don't know much about thai food. but this one is too much coconut milk and feel like a soup instead. also not spicy at all despite marked with 3 pepers.

                      i will give "Ceylonta" and "green papaya" another try if i ever get the chance.