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Sep 30, 2006 05:08 AM


Been busy and on the move for 10 days and I'm dying for a quiet small resaurant where the food is cooked with love. Arriving in Minneapolis tomorrow, Saturday.

Don't want fine dining just some good cooking, French, Mediterannean, Greek, Italian or interesting cafe style.

Look foraward to any recommendations and thanks in advance for your response.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have to do it again: 112 Eatery is a board favorite and fits the bill for food cooked with love.

      Another possibility is Auriga.

      And Alma

      The more I think about it though, with the short notice and your specs, Lucia's might be the perfect choice:

      I have not actually been to any of these places, I only know that they are perennial chow faves. I look to the rest of the posters to give you a little more feedback, but I think these suggestions should start out your search. Also, I wanted to get something up for you since your arrival is so soon!

      1. Lucia's and Lucia's Bakery. Birchwood Cafe.

        1. Lucia's is our favorite comfort place, followed by 112 Eatery. If atmoshpere is not so much an issue, but comfort is, a big bowl of pho at Quang does the trick. The atmosphere isn't bad at all, just very bustling, but the soup and noodles are very good.

          1. When I was visiting I really enjoyed brunch at Hell's Kitchen; the dishes and atmosphere were very local and unique (try the wild rice porridge) in a down-to-earth/artsy-funky way. I also had excellent modern Spanish tapas at Solera (although I would call this more of a large-scale trendy place than a small cooked with love joint. It was quiet and peaceful when I went though.)