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Sep 30, 2006 04:37 AM

PDX - The best of the best cheap food.

Greetings, friends and neighbors.

I just moved to Portland and am a massive fan of inexpensive yet great food. My mother calls me "cheap". I prefer "tastefully thrifty". We're both right. So in short, I am in search of the amazing places that leave both pocketbook and gut full and satisfied.

I'm currently making the taqueria/taco truck circuit and will (in the next few weeks) be covering the italian, chinese, delicatessen and pizza scenes. So what I'm asking of y'all is information. Lead me down the golden paths of gastro(eco)nomic delight. Thanks in advance! I owe you one.


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  1. Welcome to town. However, I should point out that there are two active threads on this subject, more or less, right now:

    And, of course, there are others if you search.

    You might want to check out my tipsheet

    which has some links you'll find interesting (and may help you get to know the food scene a little bit), such as these:

    The Dirt Cheap Guide to Portland:

    Portland Pizza Joints:

    Portland Low-Budget Guide:

    Willamette Week Cheap Eats:

    Also, I've done some legwork for you on two of the areas you're investigating, pizza and taquerias, see here:



    But I'll give you a quick list of favorites:

    Pok Pok (Thai
    )Cha Ba (Thai)
    Aladdin's Cafe (Lebanese)
    Karam (Lebanese)
    La Bonita (Mexican)
    Tortilleria y Tienda de Leon (Mexican, Gresham)
    Ochoa (Mexican, Hillsboro)
    Zach's Shack (Hot Dogs)
    NY NY (Pizza by the slice)
    Banh Cuon Tan Dinh (Vietnamese)
    Bun Bo Hue (Vietnamese)
    Pho Oregon (Vietnamese)
    Grant's (Cheesesteaks)
    Michael's (Italian Beef)
    Chennai Masala (Indian, Hillsboro)
    Hakatamon (Sushi/Japanese, Beaverton)
    Wong's King (Chinese)
    Fire on the Mountain (Hot Wings)
    Lagniappe (Cajun)
    Genie's (Modest priced burger)
    Nakwon (Korean)
    Pambiche (Cuban, lunch prices are modest)
    Halibut's (Fish and Chips)

    1. You rule my world. Thank you.