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Sep 30, 2006 03:02 AM

Chopped Chicken Liver

Anyone have a good recipe? Also, most recipies seem to say to boil the livers, can I saute them instead?

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  1. I've only sauteed them. Warning, though, a skunk in a rendering plant probably smells better. I can't offer a recipe since I don't use 'em, but saute chopped onion and cleaned (whole) liver in butter, breaking up the liver with a wooden spoon as it sautes. Saute until pink is gone.

    Chop. Strain to remove any membrane. (This is chopped chicken liver, so not a fine strainer).

    Add mayo, salt, pepper, several chopped hard-boiled eggs.

    I never watched a relative make it, and don't follow a recipe, but by eyeballing it it always seems to come out right.

    1. If you have chicken fat - it's even better than butter for sauteeing. And, I wouldn't add mayo either. I personally don't like it with eggs, but I know many people who do (my mother, for instance, but then again, she also added hard boiled eggs to tuna salad yech).

      1. My egg version:
        olive oil or better yet rendered chicken fat
        1 large yellow or white onion, chopped
        1 lb chicken livers, cleaned and trimmed
        1/3 cup white wine
        3 hard cooked eggs, chopped
        salt and pepper
        Saute the onion with some oil or fat until soften and well brown. Season with salt and pepper. Turn up the heat, add more oil or fat and saute the livers until they turn pink. Season with salt and pepper. Add the wine and cook to evaporate the alcohol and cook the livers to your doneness. I like them still pink in the center. Remove and chopped the liver and fold in the chopped eggs. You can chop the cooked livers and eggs by pulsing them in a food processor. Don't skim on the fat and seasoning.

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          My version is very similar except that I don't add wine but that sounds like a great idea. Also, I hand chop everything in a woodedn bowl once it is cooked. This is the extent of my family tradition. My mom chopped in a wooden bowl and I do the same. I add lots of seasoning, salt, garlic powder, paparika. I really enjoy it but now I feel it is probably to fattening to eat. Definitely don't skim on the fat....

        2. Stupid question: is "chopped liver" made with chicken liver?

          I had some for the first time at Hanukkah last year and have to admit I thought it was revolting, despite usually enjoying chicken liver pate.

          It was very dry, bordering on chalky, and was seasoned so heavily that it was nearly gritty--is that how it's supposed to be?

          Apologies for hijacking this thread :)

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          1. re: Olivia

            Sounds like you got some really bad liver. It should never be dry, and definitely shouldn't be gritty. I saute in schmaltz with chopped onions and chopped celery, some sea salt and wjite pepper and a little nutmeg, flamed with cognac as they near done. I like the centers still a little pink. then run the whole thing through a grinder on the coarse blade and then I serve with wedges of hard boiled eggs and black forest rye bread points. Mmm. I'll have to make some this weekend. Fortunately I don't have a physical for a few months.

            1. re: chazzerking

              That's a perfect recipe. I like to add some butter to the schmaltz and mix in the chopped eggs with the livers. All of that gets topped with some crunchy gribenes (crackling). It's absolutely terrific and the only reason I keep chicken fat and skins in my freezer.

          2. duck liver is better, in my opinion. I always saute,& i only add enuf mayo to make the mixture stick together - don't chop too fine - asd already mentioned.
            my secret ingredient?/ a squeeze or 2 of fresh lemon juice.