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Sep 30, 2006 02:43 AM

Roadside BBQ - 2nd Ave.and Geary Blvd

It's taken months for something to replace the Siam Thai Noodle spot. Roadside BBQ is now open there. Joey Altman has something to do with it since he was behind the counter during their practice evening and for a bit tonight.

The Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich I got to go was in a soft hamburger bun with some of their coleslaw inside. The pork was tender and nicely smokey. It was $7.50 and came with one side. The 'slaw' was peppery and a little sweet with some green pepper slices in with the usual ingredients. I believe today is their first day of business. They only had a few menus so I didn't have the heart to take one.

The note on their overhead menu advised calling in ahead of time for takeout.

Roadside BBQ
3751 Geary St.
San Francisco 415-221-RIBS

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  1. Was there any evidance of cooking barbecue there?

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      It's not that large of a kitchen (unlike Brothers-in-Law BBQ's kitchen) so I doubt it.

      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        There is a Southern Pride smoker in the kitchen. Is that what you mean about "evidence of cooking bbq"?

      2. Okay here is the low down. Ate there last night...the place was pretty busy. The BBQ is excellent great chicken and ribs,slaw was good not great, fries good, beans good,great corn muffin,good sweet potato fries, and pretty sucky mac and cheese.
        They also have brisket,pulled pork,and grilled chicken sausage as well as sandwiches. I like the meat much much better than brother in laws (terrible fatty ).
        The BBQ sauces (that are self serve) and are off the hook...the hot just rocks, there is a mustard that is awesome and the asian is very good.
        Typical california, they have vegetarian entress, Salads, and stuffed potatoes.
        2 deserts bannana cream pie and peacan are both very good and made by scratch. Very kid friendly
        The only only down side (lol) is that the servings are not that big. I wish they had been :they are a little stingy there...but the quality makes up for it.

        I guarantee..these guys will do very very well...the place was packed at 7.

        Finally BBQ in the richmond I dont have to eat chinese or sushi everynight.I highly recommend.

        1. Tried the BBQ here for dinner tonight, and ordered the brisket and the pulled pork. The brisket had a nice smokiness and decent bark, but no discernable smoke ring despite the claimed 15 hour smoke time on their printed menu. The pulled pork was pleasantly chewy and moist, not overly fatty as sometimes happens. Unfortunately, the policy is to douse the meat with sauce before handing it to the customer--a shame given their 5 serve-yourself sauce options (red bbq, spicy red bbq, mustard, Asian sesame ginger, and spicy vinegar). As a BBQ fanatic, I'd rather be able to taste the meat unaltered before choosing my condiment. The sauces were all quite good; the Asian sauce was a standout with a nice balance of flavors, a pleasant mild spiciness, and provided an interesting change of pace for typical American BBQ.

          Overall, the food was good, albeit with small portions. If I lived in the neighborhood I could see dropping in for a quick bite from time to time. However, I still think Memphis Minnie's has better flavor, and more bang for your buck. Given the large number of college students in the area (the restaurant was packed with them), I'm sure they'll find their niche in the neighborhood.

          Went around 7:30pm, and the place was packed with a line out the door. Notably, by 8pm they were sold out of everything but the spicy chicken sausage and some smoked chicken, and were turning people away at the door (according to the manager this has happened every evening so far). Hopefully as they find their footing they'll be better able to gauge their supply needs.

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          1. re: mercuryflyin

            I've eaten at Memphis Minnie's, and the chicken had absolutely no flavor. When you say it has more flavor, are you referring to "everything" or just some type of meat?

            1. re: restaurantgal

              To be honest, I've never gotten the chicken at Memphis Minnie's--I'd rather have the brisket, pork, ribs, homemade andouille, or tri tip. All of those options have more depth of flavor in both the rubs and smokiness than anything I tried at Roadside.

                1. re: mercuryflyin

                  I love the brisket, rib tips, and most of the sides at MM's, but I have yet to try the andouille sausage because they said it was not house made.

                1. re: restaurantgal

                  Here you go. Everything you wanted to know about smoke rings with pictures.


                  1. re: rworange

                    Thanks for the great post! Smoke rings, while certainly not a requirement for great taste, are often a good sign of long slow cooking and smoking in the right environment. On the competition BBQ circuit, it's one of the key attributes judges look for in the "appearance category".

                    1. re: mercuryflyin

                      FYI, in the strange but true category, a friend of mine on the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) circuit recently became a certified judge and he said the instructors told him not to look for the smoke ring because it can be chemically induced.

                    2. re: rworange

                      Thanks, guy! I appreciate the info, and the pictures!

                2. We ate there on Sat. around 6 - fairly empty. By the time we left, the place was packed.

                  We both ordered the Brisket. I got about twice as much meat as my husband did - and no, it wasn't because I took the plate with the most - it really was based on the sides we ordered. The meat was lean, not fatty. We will go back again.

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                  1. re: Sitka

                    What sides did you order and why did that matter? Also, which side led to more brisket?

                    1. re: Nancy Berry

                      I had the beans and sweet potato fries - the other plate had mashed potatoes and garlic fries. The plate with the beans and sweet potato fries had twice as much brisket then the other plate.

                  2. A phone call revealed that they ARE open for lunch (even today Monday)
                    Guy said they open about 11:30 or 11:45!