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Roadside BBQ - 2nd Ave.and Geary Blvd

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It's taken months for something to replace the Siam Thai Noodle spot. Roadside BBQ is now open there. Joey Altman has something to do with it since he was behind the counter during their practice evening and for a bit tonight.

The Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwich I got to go was in a soft hamburger bun with some of their coleslaw inside. The pork was tender and nicely smokey. It was $7.50 and came with one side. The 'slaw' was peppery and a little sweet with some green pepper slices in with the usual ingredients. I believe today is their first day of business. They only had a few menus so I didn't have the heart to take one.

The note on their overhead menu advised calling in ahead of time for takeout.

Roadside BBQ
3751 Geary St.
San Francisco 415-221-RIBS

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  1. Was there any evidance of cooking barbecue there?

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    1. re: Mick Ruthven

      It's not that large of a kitchen (unlike Brothers-in-Law BBQ's kitchen) so I doubt it.

      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        There is a Southern Pride smoker in the kitchen. Is that what you mean about "evidence of cooking bbq"?

      2. Okay here is the low down. Ate there last night...the place was pretty busy. The BBQ is excellent great chicken and ribs,slaw was good not great, fries good, beans good,great corn muffin,good sweet potato fries, and pretty sucky mac and cheese.
        They also have brisket,pulled pork,and grilled chicken sausage as well as sandwiches. I like the meat much much better than brother in laws (terrible fatty ).
        The BBQ sauces (that are self serve) and are off the hook...the hot just rocks, there is a mustard that is awesome and the asian is very good.
        Typical california, they have vegetarian entress, Salads, and stuffed potatoes.
        2 deserts bannana cream pie and peacan are both very good and made by scratch. Very kid friendly
        The only only down side (lol) is that the servings are not that big. I wish they had been :they are a little stingy there...but the quality makes up for it.

        I guarantee..these guys will do very very well...the place was packed at 7.

        Finally BBQ in the richmond I dont have to eat chinese or sushi everynight.I highly recommend.

        1. Tried the BBQ here for dinner tonight, and ordered the brisket and the pulled pork. The brisket had a nice smokiness and decent bark, but no discernable smoke ring despite the claimed 15 hour smoke time on their printed menu. The pulled pork was pleasantly chewy and moist, not overly fatty as sometimes happens. Unfortunately, the policy is to douse the meat with sauce before handing it to the customer--a shame given their 5 serve-yourself sauce options (red bbq, spicy red bbq, mustard, Asian sesame ginger, and spicy vinegar). As a BBQ fanatic, I'd rather be able to taste the meat unaltered before choosing my condiment. The sauces were all quite good; the Asian sauce was a standout with a nice balance of flavors, a pleasant mild spiciness, and provided an interesting change of pace for typical American BBQ.

          Overall, the food was good, albeit with small portions. If I lived in the neighborhood I could see dropping in for a quick bite from time to time. However, I still think Memphis Minnie's has better flavor, and more bang for your buck. Given the large number of college students in the area (the restaurant was packed with them), I'm sure they'll find their niche in the neighborhood.

          Went around 7:30pm, and the place was packed with a line out the door. Notably, by 8pm they were sold out of everything but the spicy chicken sausage and some smoked chicken, and were turning people away at the door (according to the manager this has happened every evening so far). Hopefully as they find their footing they'll be better able to gauge their supply needs.

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          1. re: mercuryflyin

            I've eaten at Memphis Minnie's, and the chicken had absolutely no flavor. When you say it has more flavor, are you referring to "everything" or just some type of meat?

            1. re: restaurantgal

              To be honest, I've never gotten the chicken at Memphis Minnie's--I'd rather have the brisket, pork, ribs, homemade andouille, or tri tip. All of those options have more depth of flavor in both the rubs and smokiness than anything I tried at Roadside.

                1. re: mercuryflyin

                  I love the brisket, rib tips, and most of the sides at MM's, but I have yet to try the andouille sausage because they said it was not house made.

                1. re: restaurantgal

                  Here you go. Everything you wanted to know about smoke rings with pictures.


                  1. re: rworange

                    Thanks for the great post! Smoke rings, while certainly not a requirement for great taste, are often a good sign of long slow cooking and smoking in the right environment. On the competition BBQ circuit, it's one of the key attributes judges look for in the "appearance category".

                    1. re: mercuryflyin

                      FYI, in the strange but true category, a friend of mine on the KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) circuit recently became a certified judge and he said the instructors told him not to look for the smoke ring because it can be chemically induced.

                    2. re: rworange

                      Thanks, guy! I appreciate the info, and the pictures!

                2. We ate there on Sat. around 6 - fairly empty. By the time we left, the place was packed.

                  We both ordered the Brisket. I got about twice as much meat as my husband did - and no, it wasn't because I took the plate with the most - it really was based on the sides we ordered. The meat was lean, not fatty. We will go back again.

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                  1. re: Sitka

                    What sides did you order and why did that matter? Also, which side led to more brisket?

                    1. re: Nancy Berry

                      I had the beans and sweet potato fries - the other plate had mashed potatoes and garlic fries. The plate with the beans and sweet potato fries had twice as much brisket then the other plate.

                  2. A phone call revealed that they ARE open for lunch (even today Monday)
                    Guy said they open about 11:30 or 11:45!

                    1. I just tried this place tonight. Hopefully, it was an off night for them. I had the 2 way combo; the brisket and the babby back ribs. They were both very dry. The two sides I ordered were the mac n' cheese and the garlic fries. The only thing decent were the garlic fries. I should also mention that the corn muffin was both hard and dry. I was hoping to like the place but hopefully they are still getting things together. I'll try again but not anytime soon.

                      1. from my sources, joey actually consulted on this project. He is not an owner or partner.

                        1. Went there on a Sunday evening and it got pretty busy after we ordered, the line was out the door. I live close by and it was my first time eating there, there were 6 of us and we ordered a whole chicken, rack of ribs, pulled pork, and the brisket. For sides we had potato salad, mash potato, fries, garlic fries, coleslaw, and a baked potato. When we got our food, it was ALL just warm, I don't need my food to be piping hot but it wouldn't have been nice if it was more then warm, I felt the food was being kept warm in an oven but wasn't turned on high enough. The ribs were pretty dry, not finger licking good as I expected. It was dry and chewy, a big disappointment. Pulled pork is exactly what it is, pulled pork - it had not flavor and needed a serious dose of BBQ sauce for flavor. The chicken was OK, the flavor on the skin was good but it didn't penetrate the meat and the meat was a dry. The brisket was OK, it was moist and had some smoky taste to it. BBQ sauces and other sauces were good, the sides were OK, nothing special about them.

                          Overall I wasn't satisfied with the food as you can read, it was mediocre at best, I won't be going back anytime soon but will try after while to see if they've improved on there kitchen methods and got over any issues that are associated with opening a new eatery. I couldn't recommend this place for now but it's new and people will want to try it, it is BBQ after all.

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                          1. re: willeatanything

                            I went there on a Tuesday, and had pretty much the same experience - lukewarm food, and mediocre to below mediocre pulled pork and brisket. I'm pretty sure both of them were just reheated from an earlier batch. The BBQ sauce tasted like your run of the mill bottled stuff. Some of their sides however are good sized and pretty tasty (the sweet potato fries), whereas others are not so great (like the coleslaw - without mayo - wtf?).

                            I like Big Nate's (on Folsom at 12th) better for their brisket and pork. They can be a bit hit or miss at times, but the hits outnumber the misses (and I've never had a miss as bad as what I had at Roadside). Their sides however are rather basic (or lacking, depending how you look at it).

                            I'll go back to Roadside again, just not anytime soon. I hope they stick around though - it's nice to have choices.

                            1. re: tobze

                              I haven't made it to roadside, as I'm waiting for them to settle in a bit, but brisket & pulled pork take anywhere between 12-18 hours to prepare, so the likelihood of getting either fresh out of the smoker at any BBQ joint is pretty slim. Also, most BBQ joints North Carolina (can't speak for the rest of the south) do not put mayo in their coleslaw. They usually just add their vinegar based bbq sauce.

                              1. re: Civil Bear

                                Reheating is understandable, to a degree. But, the pork seemed like it was from the day before, with the tips of the shreds sort of discolored and slightly dried out. Maybe that's how it's been sometimes at the other places I've been, but they've always been slathered with sauce (which I like), so you can't see the meat.

                          2. I'm originally from Atlanta and I have not found one decent rib spot in the entire bay area. This is ridiculous. Brotha N Laws USED to be average about 10-15 years ago. Now they are just terrible. Fatty ribs, below average horribly greasy sauce. Everette and Jones in oakland is Average.

                            Nothing to write home about compared to real Que down south in Atlanta, or Memphis etc. I tried this place Roadside BBQ and as usual it was packed with clueless yuppies who loved the ribs. In my opinion the ribs were so dry they would flake apart. The sides were awful and the only sauce I found edible was the Mustard sauce. The red sauce was HORRIBLE. It tasted like Heinz ketchup with cayanne pepper to make it hot. One day if i'm ever a multi millionare i'll open up a rib joint in San Francisco and run everybody out of business because nobody out here knows what they are doing.

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                            1. re: Frisco Que

                              Brother N Laws closed many months ago......and your description of the red sauce as ketchup and some cayenne was 'spot on"!

                              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                                I went to Brother in Law a couple of times about 8-10 years ago. I wouldn't even call it average. The meat was under-cooked and as you mentioned, the sauce was terrible. The City simply has few bar-b-q choices. The East Bay is better in this regard: Flint's, Everett and Jones, Doug's, KC.

                              2. re: Frisco Que

                                The root problem of why most BBQ is pretty lousy around here is that most Californians have no clue as to what real BBQ is supposed to taste like, look like, or what texture it should have. Even if you opened up a joint serving the real stuff, not enough folks would stop going to other mediocre BBQ joints for you to "run everybody out of business."

                                We'll all just have to suffer until we get to travel to Texas, St Louis, Memphis, Kansas City, or North Carolina.

                                1. Which is better, Flint's or Everett & Jones?

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                                    That's opening a can of worms...sort of like burritos.

                                    IMO, Flint's use to be the best but they closed twice (and re-opened). The latest reincarnation was close to the past but the sauce was slightly off. The meat is still very good to excellent. Here's the discussion:

                                    Everett and Jones has a stand as well as nice sit down place near Jack London Square. If I want to go there to eat, I go to E&J. IMO, between good and v.good. I don't think anyone would be disapointed unless they're comparing it to something else very specific or something back home.

                                  2. >I'm originally from Atlanta and I have not found one decent rib spot in the entire bay area.<

                                    Have you tried Memphis Minnie's?

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                                    1. re: Mick Ruthven

                                      I have tried the ribs twice now at MM's and both times they were dry. My favorite spot for ribs in SF was Cliff's on Bayshore, but unfortunately he closed down this summer.

                                    2. i was curious as to how this place would be received in San Francisco, so i thought i'd check it out here...i live in the neighborhood, originally from georgia, and i'm glad to have found a place close by that fixed up good barbecue...some friends and i went, so i got to sample a lot of what they have...the one thing i hadn't had before was sweet potato fries, which i loved...the meat was all great, i thought...nothing dry, and tastes just like back home (and yeah, they make it all on site)...i liked the macaroni and cheese as well, which also was just like you would get in the South (from backwoods Georgia--not Atlanta, which is about as Southern as Boston)...the pecan pie was good as well (and i've made plenty in my day)...the entree with two sides was more than i could finish, and i had to take some home...

                                      ...i hope the place does well and sticks around...hard so say, since it's more real-people food and not food-snob food...i'll give it my share of business...

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                                      1. re: troybob

                                        I went there Monday and was surprised at the value of the food. I got the small order of ribs with cole slaw and mac & cheese and the boyfriend had pulled pork with mashed potatoes and baked beans. I very much enjoyed the ribs, pork, mac & cheese, and potatoes. The cole slaw was too dry and the beans were not to my taste. All in all, a hefty amount of quality food for $23.

                                      2. We tried Roadside BBQ a couple nights ago and thought it was great! Knowing nothing about 'real' BBQ except several meals at the Green Mesquite in Austin, I thought the offerings at Roadside were delicious, but I can't vouch for authenticity (though it seemed damn close to me).

                                        Pulled pork was great, brisket was good too but not as good as the pulled pork. Homemade mac & cheese, sweet potato fries, garlic fries, were all good as sides. For around $10 you get your choice of meat, 2 sides, and a homemade cornbread muffin. There is a selection of homemade sauces too, which I found to be all very tasty. The pecan pie and coconut/banana cream pie (you can get a slice or a 'sliver') were both yummy too.

                                        They also have Shiner Bock beer, a very welcome addition.

                                        Everything's housemade, and the BBQ is all cooked/smoked in house. I think this place will give Memphis Minnie's a run for the money.

                                        1. I stopped there last night for a quick meal and had the brisket sandwich. I'd call it very good, the real thing. Not dry, but not over-the-top fatty either (some may not care for that). A generous portion for $7.50 with one side (acaually two, read on). The sauces are on a side bar, and I liked their regular sauce and the mustard sauce; didn't try the others. I chose the baked beans for the side, and they weren't my favorite. The flavor was "thin" to me, not full and rich. But they also included their cole slaw, a very good non-mayo version. Two caveats that I'll handle next time: They added sauce to the sandwich in spite of having the sauces on the side bar, and they put the slaw on top of the meat. Neither are my thing, so next time I'll request they don't do those two things. It was good enough I'm looking forward to trying other things there.

                                          1. I didn't have the highest expectations after reading the past postings but stopped in anyways. The portion of pulled pork is huge and probably the best part of the meal. Ordered the sweet potato fries (okay) and the beans which I couldn't finish (thin, flavorless). Didn't care for the bbq sauce either. I'd go back but try different sides.

                                            1. Went there on Sunday nite (10/22) and they were pretty busy. I ordered the 3 smoked meat combo which I thought was fine (though I like it dry with no sauce)and seemed enough to feed 2 people. Perhaps the earlier folks who were disappointed in the texture may not have noticed the side stand with the different bbq sauces. If you eat there or get take out, you need to get your own sauces. The M&C was not that good but everything else seemed tasty.

                                              1. I stopped in last night and ordered a few sides: mac & cheese, mashed potatoes and veggies. I've been searching for really good mac & cheese but was dissapointed. It was only ok. The mashed potatoes and veggies were pretty good though. My roommate tried the beans but thought they were pretty flavorless (she thinks it's because it's vegetarian, i.e. not slow cooked with a big chunk of meat). Since I live close by I'll probably try again.

                                                1. Worse BBQ in the city. I was sooo disappointed and very surprised of how many positive reviews are posted here. This place has hands down the worse tasting food in the city.

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                                                  1. re: jawroten

                                                    I went again yesterday to see whether there had been any improvement...yes ...the basic BBQ sauce no longer tastes like ketchup with cayenne, now it tastes like any supermarket bottled sauce...good...no, an improvement ...yes....the ribs were fall of the bone, stringy,..tasteless..except for the spice rub on the exterior....the sweet potato fries were good, the mac and cheese...overcooked already, at noon! The corn muffin..less than average.....unless someone finds something this place really does well, I'll not return!!!

                                                    1. re: ChowFun_derek

                                                      So I tried the brisket and noticed a strange practice I think that leads to their food tasting like absolutely nothing. I think they cook the meats then wrap them in plastic the meat in a steamer until they sell it. The meat had a platic taste with a texture that was like boiled meat. They obviously do not know how to prepare and sell real BBQ.

                                                  2. Ok, after 2 visits to Roadside I've had enough to review.

                                                    I was excited about this place opening up. I love barbeque and it's in my neighborhoood, what could be better?

                                                    First Visit: Saturday afternoon, it wasn't very busy. Ordered the brisket sandwich and sweet potato fries. Portion size was great, it consisted of meat, sauce, and slaw on a large sesame bun. I prefer an actual hamburger bun to the rolls that they use at Memphis Minnies. I also grabbed some sauces to try out. The sandwich was pretty good, a bit too much fat, but good none-the-less. Fries were pretty good, although a little too soggy - they need to turn up the temp on the frier. The hot sauce was pretty tasty, mustard and sesame sauces were nothing special, but not terrible. Overall a good experience, I was ready to go again.

                                                    Second Visit (tonight): Stopped by after work and ordered the "Big Guy", 3 meats and 2 sides. I opted for the brisket, baby backs, and pulled pork, ordered dry. For sides I tried the mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. Portion size was pretty good, heavy on the pulled pork. No sauce, bun, or slaw with the meat really unmasked this place for what it is...blech. Pulled Pork - I could detect NO TRACE of smoke flavor, I don't think this meat ever saw a smoker. I had to use sauce to eat what I was able to. Baby Backs - a little smoke flavor here, way to fatty and chewy though. Brisket - best meat there, tender when you don't get a mouth full of fat; decent flavor, but not great. The hot sauce was nothing like the last time. I actually still have som hot sauce from last time in my fridge, and the batches taste completely different. The mashed potatoes have a boxed spuds consistency, and the mac&cheese was ho hum. The kicker - I'm tossing what's left of the Baby Backs and Pulled Pork...it's that disappointing.

                                                    Overall I'm pretty bummed. I hope this place gets their act together, because I'd love to have good cue close by. Our options in SF are pretty limited. MMs has a lock in the Brisket and Pulled Pork department, but except for once in a blue moon orders from Brother in Laws, I've yet to taste good ribs that weren't made in someones back yard.

                                                    1. I love BBQ reviews on the CH, it is either delicious or inedible- I just think there is a lot of variation from time to time. I wish people would be more specific about where they are coming from. "Not like back home" doesn't really help that much.

                                                      Anyone wanna describe the mustard sauce in more detail?

                                                      1. I finally got to try Roadhouse on Saturday night in the early evening. The place was busy but I still managed to get a table seat.

                                                        I had the "Big Guy" combo, selecting brisket, pulled pork, and the baby back ribs, with beans and salad for the sides. I noticed there weren't any spareribs or mean greens available, and the only sausage choice was a chicken sausage.

                                                        Beans were ok, not anywhere as good as the beans were from the now defunct Cliff's BBQ. Green salad was nicer than I expected, but still just a small side.

                                                        Baby back ribs - tender, but not too tender, still some meat integrity. Not bad, but lacked a meaty flavor. I really wish spareribs were available.

                                                        Pulled pork - as others have said, not much smoke flavor, a bit on the boring side, until I mixed in a good amount of the Carolina hot vinegar sauce. Plenty tender and quite palatable. Fairly generous portion for a combo plate.

                                                        Brisket - decently smokey, excellent tenderness, good balance of fattiness and meat, nice dark bark. I was pleasantly surprised by the brisket. While not outstanding like I've had numerous times in Austin, and not as good as Memphis Minnie's at its best, still enjoyable.

                                                        Based on this one meal, I'd rate Roadhouse as much better than Big Nate's and Brother In Law's, slightly better than Everett & Jones and Flint's, and about on par with Memphis Minnie's but with less of a menu selection although better street parking. But anyone who has had good BBQ in Texas would know this is still a far cry from a real BBQ joint.

                                                        I'd go back if I had a BBQ craving, but not in any hurry to do so.

                                                        1. Wow, so many replies!! Good for them, they seem like really nice people (a woman with a baby who seemed to own the place and the guy behind the counter taking orders who seemed like her husband).

                                                          My experience was this, one afternoon I walked over there, found a $11 on the ground, went in and used it as an excuse to order whatever I wanted. Got the brisket & rib combo. Ribs were a little dry, but well seasoned. Brisket was good, but cold. Sauces (mustard, hot bbq and bbq) were great as was the cornbread. The beans were lousy as was the other side that I can't even remember what it was. Top it off, Vern Glenn from channel 4 was there getting a comped meal.

                                                          I cook a lot of authentic bbq, and this is (expecially the sauces) are the real deal. They need to make the sides more than just an afterthought though.

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                                                          1. re: hankstramm

                                                            Funny... Vern Glenn was there on my second foray to the place...didn't help the food though...... (Joey Altman was there the first time....minor -celeb city)

                                                          2. I went for the second time tonight and had the pulled pork sandwich. It was very good with good smoke flavor and a generous portion for $7.50. It came with a small serving of very good non-mayo slaw and my side option of sweet potato fries which I thought were great and a huge portion. The mustard sauce was great on the pork. From my first visit I learned to (1) request no sauce; sauces are on the side bar, (2) request the slaw on the side (instead of on the sandwich which is standard), and (3) not order the beans (very thin flavor). I think this is a very good place.

                                                            1. finally tried this place. not a great cue joint i'm afraid.

                                                              i'll start with the sides. sides shouldn't be an afterthought, but here they seem to be just that. the variety isn't bad, but the beans and mac n cheese were both flavor lite. beans were a little watery, and the dominant flavor note is simple sugar. the beans at the cue joint in martinez and memphis minnie's are much more robust and complex. dunno how they do it, perhaps some meat drippings? anyway, roadside aint got it.

                                                              the mac n cheese had decent texture, and toasted breadcrumbs on top, which i like, but very little cheese flavor. in fact, not even enough salt.

                                                              the 'spicy' bbq sauce was tame. not even medium on the flint's scale. i had to dribble more and more of the stuff onto the sides to try to whip some appeal into them, but that was as futile as flagellation with wet noodles. at least they have crystal.

                                                              like an uncomfortable chair, all of this can be forgotten when the prima donna takes the stage. smokey meat is everything. we tried the brisket, which was tasty, tender, and had just a trace of unrendered fat. not bad at all, the only quibble being the tepid serving temp.

                                                              the ribs (full rack) were more disappointing. basically, they were overdone. at the wide end, this just meant the meat wasn't sinfully tender and juicy. but at the thin end, the increasing carbonization rendered the short ribs tough, dry, and pleasureless.

                                                              so my overall assessment is that this is another half ass attempt at bbq. honestly, i think this was an enterprise driven by a business plan. they know there aint much cue in sf, particularly in the richmond, so they're attempting to fill the gap. that's nice, but it aint the same as somebody who knows and loves cue so much that they come to share their thing with the community.
                                                              consequently, i think they took a space which may just be too small. in that space, they are attempting to be a 'full service' cue joint, providing a dozen classic sides and all the major meats. but that seems to have resulted in compromise. since bbq has such a long prep time, it's impossible to always serve meat at the peak of readiness. hence cool brisket and dry ribs. ironically, a 'real' roadside bbq just prepares a set amount of meat every day, and you have to drive up at the right time. if you're too late, you get no ribs, which is ultimately better than dry ribs.
                                                              too bad

                                                              1. I tried Roadside. Sort of a Memphis Minnie's knockoff, long menu covering various regional styles.

                                                                The meat on their baby back ribs was falling off the bone. To me that's just wrong but some people like it. And they offer *only* baby backs, not regular pork ribs. On the plus side, good flavor, though not as smoky as I prefer, and decent sauce.

                                                                Not a destination but I'd be happy to have it in my neighborhood.

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                                                                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                                                  how would you compare it to Memphis Minnie's? Importantly the sauce. I have yet to have excellent bbq in San Francisco.

                                                                  1. re: Lori SF

                                                                    RB has a sauce bar. I liked the hotter red sauce OK.

                                                                    I wouldn't drive past Memphis Minnie's to get to Roadside, partly because I prefer smokier BBQ.

                                                                    I haven't found anyplace as good as the long-gone Vic & Betty's. Or the recently gone Perry's Food for the Soul in San Leandro.

                                                                    Lilly's (former Brother-in-Law's) made the best sauce of the four places I recently reviewed for the Weekly.


                                                                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                                                                      Great article! I will have to try Lilly's

                                                                2. I have not eaten at the Roadhouse. I will try it soon. I have tried Nates. Their best meat was pulled pork. Anyone can make pulled pork. The rest was bad.

                                                                  Brother in laws was inedible. Everett and Jones had good ribs and chicken. Didnt try the brisket and I am glad. As I was leaving I chatted with the cook and he gave me a peek...brown all the way through. Cliffs on Bayshore was as bad as Brother In Laws.

                                                                  I grew up in KC. I always bring sauce back from KC and order my SF BBQ meat with no sauce. Sauce to good BBQ is synonymous with wine and meat. They both have to be good.

                                                                  Memphis Minnies is good BBQ. It used to be great. Their brisket is one of their best meats. Strange from a pig place but it is good enough to overlook that. The last couple of times I have visited it has gotten fattier. It used to be the best brisket I have had. Not anymore. I have noticed the owner is not around as much and that might be the reason.

                                                                  I am glad that Roadhouse opened so that there are more BBQ joints in town. One of the fun things about growing up in KC was the pride of your local BBQ joint.

                                                                  Haywards in (KC) is my favorite. I am smoking 3 racks of ribs tomorrow. All will be dry rubbed with Haywards dry rub. And, I will un-cork a bottle of Haywards sauce!

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                                                                  1. re: Go Chiefs

                                                                    re: Memphis Minnies' Brisket....."the fattier the better!!!" (says I!)

                                                                    Curious as to your opinion of Roadhouse...and Lilly's (located on Divisadero, S.F.) where B' in Laws used to be..... let us know!

                                                                    1. re: Go Chiefs

                                                                      I grew up in central Missouiri and have spent considerable time in Kansas City over the years. Maybe that's why I agree with much of what you said. You might note that the Texans among us will probably be pleased if MM's brisket is fattier than before; such is the difference in preferences amoung regions. Give Roadside a try. I don't put it up there with MM, but I like it (not their beans, though).

                                                                      I found one sauce out here I thought was really good, like my memory of a very good KC sauce, and that was at Johnson's Barbeque, 2646 San Bruno Ave, SF, 415-467-7655. It's a fairly "gritty" place, the beef was no good, pork was better, but I loved the sauce especially the mild mixed with a bit of the hot. I keep saying I'll go back and just get some sauce but I never have.

                                                                      1. re: Go Chiefs

                                                                        >>"Cliffs on Bayshore was as bad as Brother In Laws."

                                                                        Sacrilege I say! Cliff's had the best all-around 'cue in SF, imo.

                                                                        BTW, Memphis Minnie’s smokes whole packer briskets from Robert's Meats on Bryant. If you are adverse to the fattiness, you might want to ask for slices cut from the flat end. For those that love the fat, ask for the point.

                                                                      2. I was so excited to see a BBQ place open in my neighborhood... I tried it the very first weekend. On my first visit I had brisket and sausage. The food was good, but the portions were very small, and the kitchen was very slow - not surprising. Things have since improved, and I've learned what I like at Roadside and pretty much stick to those items. The brisket is pretty lean - not the most flavorful in the world, but I just add some sauce and that livens it up. The pulled pork is good IF you use the mustard sauce with some hot sauce mixed in. I haven't been crazy about any of the sides other than the grilled veggies; which are actually quite tasty. Portions have generally increased over time; although it's not exactly consistent. All-in-all, worth eating because it's decent and convenient BBQ. Is it the best? NO WAY. I prefer Doug's in the East Bay, but it's far away, and I'm not usually interested in making a special trip out there for a BBQ dinner.

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                                                                        1. re: kresge86

                                                                          There've been reports that Doug's has closed. Tried calling now and the number is disconnected.

                                                                            1. re: chemchef

                                                                              You'll get better answers by starting a new thread instead of burying your request in this on for a place in SF. And, searching will turn up hundreds of reports on East Bay 'cue to focus on.

                                                                          1. Brought home take-out from Roadside for the first time today. Initial thoughts are pretty encouraging. The brisket was thickly cut, VERY moist, and incredibly tender with fall-apart meat. The pulled pork was perfectly stringy with both moist bites and crusty bits (the way I like it). the downside of the take-out for the meat was that there was no sauce whatsoever. I have no idea if they forgot it or not, but the quality of the meat was shown in this regard, sans sauce.

                                                                            For sides, we brought home cole slaw (vinegary and not mayonnaisy which I find preferable), potato salad (LOVED it! Full of dill and pickle bits), beans (decent enough - firm with good molasses flavor), and Mac-and-Cheese (the BF liked it but I'm not a M&C aficionado). We also ordered a side of garlic fries which I like are comparable to Taylor Refresher's. This filled me up a little too much to even taste the muffins.

                                                                            Lastly, a special note on the pecan pie which blew me away. Usually, I shy away from pecan pie because it is so sweet it hurts my teeth. This was chewy and satisfying without killing my sweet tooth. The BF who has no sweet tooth whatsoever and rarely eats desserts ate three bites (a lot for him).

                                                                            I am surprised by the complaints of small portions. Two of us ordering two entrees and we still have lots of left-overs. I will definitely go back, if just to taste the sauce. Or, maybe order the meat and put on my own sauce!

                                                                            7 Replies
                                                                            1. re: Carrie 218

                                                                              The sauces are available on a shelf along the wall to your right as you order...help yourself. The side of sweet potato fries is tasty, generous, and not at all greasy. Thanks for your tip on the pecan pie for my un-sweet tooth! :^)

                                                                              1. re: Cynsa

                                                                                Yeah, I figured as much - but when one orders to go and is handed white bags with food inside, one assumes that everything one needs has already been placed in said white bags. The customer shouldn't have to check inside to see if there's sauce!

                                                                                Lesson learned - but again, it won't keep me from going back.

                                                                                1. re: Carrie 218

                                                                                  There's a wide selection of different sauces ... instead of providing one sauce or all in your to-go package, you choose your own.
                                                                                  You're a trusting soul; assuming "everything one needs has already been placed in said white bags". I count containers before "I leave the building".

                                                                                  1. re: Cynsa

                                                                                    Yep, silly me! I AM a trusting soul...

                                                                                  2. re: Carrie 218

                                                                                    As Joe Pesci said "They fu#k you at the drive thru"

                                                                                2. re: Carrie 218

                                                                                  >beans (decent enough - firm with good molasses flavor)<

                                                                                  That may get me to try the beans again. I had them the first time I was there and never again. They were thin and very weak-flavored with no molasses flavor at all. Very glad to hear they've improved them. I'll also second the sweet potato fries; they were very good.

                                                                                  1. re: Mick Ruthven

                                                                                    I really wanted the sweet potato fries but the BF prefers garlic. I'll get 'em next time, though!