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Blue Sky Cafe in Norriton?

Has anyone gone to the Blue Sky Cafe carribean restaurant in East Norriton? What is good there?

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  1. Well I'm going to end up answering my own question. ;^)
    We ended up going there today for my brothers birthday. Blue Sky Cafe is on Germantown Pike near swede, in the shopping center across from the shopping center with minado.

    The decor is really nice as I think I had read in the paper. We were in what I'd call the "main" room, which had a formal but whimsical appearance with brightcolored walls and ceiling with faux-sky ceiling tiles. For quite awhile we were the only party in that room (we were a party of 6). Eventually two families were sat in there with kids. The one party knew the chef or something and some of the other party seemed like regulars. The place seemed empty when we got there at 5:30 and, not seeing the rooms near the front, we thought it seemed awfully slow, but when we left we saw that the tables in the front were packed.

    At first the prices surprised us a bit, as we thought we had read about most entrees being under $20, but many entrees were more like $25.

    Our server was pretty good, though a bit mysterious at times. He explained that he couldn't really describe the "chef's accompianments" as the chef just kind of made them up as he went along and they could change at any moment. It was nice that he also explained that the appetizers were generally pretty small, but the entree portions were a good size. He seemed enthusiastic about the food and remarked how even with a pretty good diversity on the menu, everything was really good.

    My brother got the watermelon tequila gazpacho and my wife got the regular gazpacho. I had a taste of the watermelon and remarked that it tasted pretty much like melted water ice. It was not bad though and also had a cilantro flavor. The other gazpacho had a bit of a nice spice though seemed more creamy and thick and a little less tomatoey than I might have expected. (There's also a 3rd gazpacho, but I forget what it was).

    For entrees I got the catfish ($20) and my wife got the 1/2 jerk chicken ($14). The catfish was a nice portion of two filets. It was kind of interesting that it was served in a bowl. I guess this is because there was a significant amount of sauce. It was prepared well and had a good flavor, but I think it could have been more seasoned or more spicy. The jerk chicken was very well cooked and juicy and the skin had a good charred flavor, but again was not that spicy. It was kind of a dry rub type of thing. It came with a citrusy sauce which was VERY spicy. We had asked the server what was in the sauce, but he said the chef didn't really reveal such things or something. When the chef talked to the table nearby we asked him and he said it was mostly the jerk spice on the chicken with some beer, etc. This seemed strange as the chicken wasn't really spicy. The chef's accompianments were mainly some string beans which were OK and some carrots which were sort of candied. We both got different rices which were also not bad.

    My sister in law got the hanger steak which was really quite good. My wife also got the sweet potato pie for dessert ($5) which she really enjoyed.

    In general everyone was reasonably happy with the food, but I'm not sure how soon we'll go back. Other items purchased were the crab pot pie, baby back ribs, crabcake, cucumber and tomato salad. Overall the bill was around $150 (no alcohol was purchased).

    1. I have now been to Blue Sky twice with my girlfriend and both times the food was excellent. Both times we ate there, they were still remodeling the front, so we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the inside. The decor was very nice and I enjoyed the style and layout.

      Both times I got steak, the hanger steak (A+) and I believe it was called the cowboy steak (solid B). The sides were very good and well seasoned. I also remember greatly enjoying the chicken chili appetizer. My girlfriend got seafood both times and remarked on how much she liked everything (I can't remember what she had). We were too full to try the desert, so I can't comment.

      I will say that the first time, the service was very good. Our waiter was very attentive, polite, and checked on us frequently. But the second time, our waitress wasn't as good. She was OK, but took a while to get drinks/refills and didn't seem to be as familiar with the menu.

      Living around the area and enjoying the food very much, I plan on eating there again.

      1. After tasting this chef's creations, I would happily eat any side dish he chose to make! My husband and I ate at the Blue Sky on Thursday night and we were very impressed. The minute we walked in the door, we were greeted warmly. There is a very nice,cozy bar area, separate from the dining room, has lots of dark wood and low lights and extra seating. The dining room itself as desribed by other posters is really bright, colorful and inviting. It really has a "caribbean" feel to it. They have an attractive iron scrollwork fence separating the booths and they invite diners to hang their coats on its points. The service and food: topnotch. The prices were high, but we don't mind paying when the food is so delicious, the service not only efficient but friendly and did I mention that the food was delicious? We both had soup; I had the a pumpkin cream soup with crab (great) and hubby had turtle(not my fave, but he raved about it). We shared a sea scallop for an appetizer- it was perfect. For an entree, I was in the mood for comfort food and the crab pot pie delivered. It had big chunks of fresh veggies and lots of white crab meat. Hubby loved his crispy duck which was extremely tender and tasty. Side dishes were red rice and beans and greens. We rarely have dessert when we eat out, but we ordered it anyway, just to taste it, and took the rest home. (a banana caramel cheesecake burrito and a coffee infused walnut brownie, both as yummy as they sound) The accompanying coffee was good, too: dark and rich as we rarely get in restaurants. For $5 each, I wanted to take home one of every dessert that was on the menu, but good sense and my tightening waistband prevailed. We also had a drink apiece. They have a big selection of wines and lots of unusual beers on tap (I went with my usual Stoli martini, but my husband was undecided between two of the beers and without asking, was given two samples to help him decide!) Our bill was just a little over $100 with tip, a bit high for us, but we can't wait to go back with friends!

        1. I would have to amend my previous comments. I ate there once over the holidays and I have to say it has gone downhill in my opinion. Maybe it's the little things, but the first two times I ate there, I didn't remember using cheap, paper napkins, which were on every table on my third trip.

          Out of the five of us out to eat, only two of us had good food with proper portions. I'm not sure how you justify a sea scallop appetizer that contains only one medium size scallop and then a sea scallop entree with four small scallops that costs $24. My one friend commented that her fish tasted like cleaning solution and the others who tried it agreed.

          I will say that the Hanger steak I got again was very good and in proper portions for the cost. The atmosphere and style of the restaurant are very appealing, but I was disappointed to recommend this restaurant to friends and then have such a lacking experience.

          1. We are new to the area and were just driving past one evening when we noticed the resturant with white lightbulbs dangling during renovations. I am not a gourmet so I am not going to go into detail other than to say we have been back at least 5 times. I have even purchased gift certificates for clients ! The menu is very diversified, the servers are all great, and the ambience is just right -- bright and open but not that noisy bistro type enviornment that seems to be everywhere. I try to eat something different every time I go but it is hard not to order the veal chop or skirt steak -- both memorable. We get a kick bringing friends and seeing their reaction -- its that kind of place. I'm done here, its friday 530 pm and I am hungry -- guess where I'm going for dinner ?.

            1. Ate here tonight after hearing many comments about the place and had to try it for myself. Since things were already covered above I will not repeat them. The hanger steak was excellent and cooked to order. The jerk chicken was also very good and ours was on the spicy side which is what I expected being jerk chicken. The duck was also very tasty as well, cooked perfectly and served up with a nice combinatin of rice and greens.
              Overall, it was a great dining experience, and I would go back as well. Their deserts are a must have even if you did not save room get one to go and you will thank yourself later.

              Side note: had a chance to talk with the chef/owner tonight about the place and he said he had just returned from the Island where his food is native too, and shared that it is just as good if not better than what the island is serving.

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                My boyfriend and I have been to Blue Sky a few times lately. We love to sit at the bar on weeknights and have some appetizers. We haven't had a bad meal! The Applewood Smoked ribs are amazing, and fall off the bone. The Flaming Crab Appetizer is spicy and terrific. Lots of great seafood dishes on the menu. We had the Filet and CrabCake meal the other night and that was phenomenal. I'm not sure how the chef got that perfect grilled smoky flavor on the steak but it was out of this world! If you enjoy Tequila or Rum this is a perfect place as there are about 30+ of each to choose from! Great beers on tap.

                We eat out frequently and used to prefer to go downtown or to New York even for tasty cuisine. We're so excited to have found Blue Sky right in our backyard! Definitely worth trying!! Here's a link to the site so you can check out the menu- there are lots of nightly specials and great Entertainment (including Jazz Legends) so I'd recommend calling to confirm what's going on: http://mariposaboutique.net/bluesky/

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                  I was there with my fiance on sunday to celebrate his graduation from college his mom treated the whole family (like 10 ppl) to dinner and dessert he had the grilled chilli steak with wine sauce (well done great!!), fried calamari (2nd best next to cheesecake factory), i had the pan-seared salmon with horseradish crust and whole wheat mustard wine sauce( i didn't get the crust on mine but the salmon and sauce GREAT!!) and we had the double chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and coffee infused brownie (yummmmmmmmmy) we will definantly go back.

              2. Has anyone been here recently? If so, what do you recommend?

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                  We've eaten at Blue Sky several times and have always enjoyed the meal. I recommend the jerk chicken (a bargain at $14 for half a chicken) and the slash and burn snapper. The ribs are also good.

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                    I went for a Wednesday lunch and almost had the place to myself. I ordered the seafood bisque and received a wee cup of spicy brown soup with a few chunks of carrot. For $5 a cup and not tasting anything like seafood, I sent it back.The waiter explained that the seafood had been pureed into the soup. I then had an OK chicken sandwich with fried veggie chips.The chef later came out to lament that there was plenty of shrimp and other seafood in the bisque but that the waiter had forgotten to stir it. So, what was the story - pureed or not stirred? Experiences like this make me go elsewhere.

                  2. Wow, what a gem that was hiding right under my nose! My husband & I tried this place out on Sat night (after hearing about it on chowhound!). I drive by this place every day on my way to work and I had no idea it existed, nor did I think a really great restaurant would be lurking in the little strip mall in Norristown!

                    I give this place an A+ in Food, Ambience, Drinks, & Service. Doesn't get better than that!

                    First, the ambience. Wow, you can tell they spent a lot of $ doing this place. Great, funky carribean feel w/ bright colors, nice lamps, nice tables, great bar -- just funky & fun & fresh.

                    Second, the food! Well, we know better than to judge a book by the cover so my husband & I wanted to withhold all judgement of the place until we ate our full meals. The bread they brought out at the beginning was WARM and pleasantly different in taste (I like funky breads), although I couldn't tell you exactly what it was. But it was good! For a starter I had a beet salad and my husband had Lobster Rissotto Eggrolls. BOTH were excellent. My beet salad was garnished with a lime-type of sauce and goat cheese, very nicely presented on a decorated plate. My hub's eggrolls were fantastic -- eggrolls are usually an iffy thing to order off a menu because often they are full of filler. but these truly were full of lobster & risotto.

                    For entrees I had a crab pot pie (which our waiter said was the chef's specialty) and my husband had grouper w/ shrimp. Both were excellent & unique. The menu had so many other tempting items... items that you don't normally see on a typical menu -- such as parrotfish & opah.

                    Drinks: Strong, delicious, HUGE rum list, HUGE tequila list, BIG wine list. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I now have a place where I can get "fruity fun" tropical drinks in the winter.

                    I just wish I had found this place sooner! What a perfect place to go to especially in the winter when you just need a bit of happy carribbean flare.

                    We WILL be back!