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Sep 30, 2006 02:33 AM

Maine Lobster in Orlando

My sister wants to eat Maine lobster in Orlando and the only place I always see them at is Red Lobster on West Colonial Drive. Now I KNOW there have to be many other places in the Orlando area that serve Maine lobster (without charging an arm and a leg), so can someone please give me a few suggestions? Straub's? One of the places on Sand Lake? Does Bahama Breeze have them? Thanks!

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  1. Del Frisco's on Lee Road has them, and I think they offer both South African and Maine, depending on season. Call ahead.
    Fulton's at Downtown Disney and Vito's on I-Drive has them.
    Schula's at the WDW Dolphin has a traditional one. Blue Zoo, at the same hotel, offers them, both butter poached and a funky Cantonese style presentation with a soy glaze. Not traditional.
    Atlantios restaurant at the Renaissance Seaworld hotel advertises them.

    It's likely all the other premium steakhouses offer them Capital Grille, the Palm, Morton's, Ruth's Chris, Fleming's, Moonfish -- but I'd call ahead and make sure.

    The thing is, don't go cheap. You want a fresh, live 1.5 to 3-pound Maine lobster. They are flown in here live and have a short shelf life.
    The places that offer all you can eat and the seafood chains are serving frozen tails from God knows where. Since you are going to this much trouble, be sure you call the restaurant and confirm they have them the day you are dining and expect to pay about $60 for the privilege.


    1. Interestingly enough, she is visiting from Key West and is tired of the local type with no claws!

      1. Do not go to Fulton's. the service was terrible. Ordered crab & Lodster for 2 & 5 yr old ordered shrimp. Adults food arrived cold without chil's. Runner seemed clueless, waiter came 5 mins later waiter appeared & had no clue about child's meal. This is after 9PM finally after a visit to matre d & 10 minutes after adults meals arrive hers shows up without an explanation. For over $120 tab we were offered comp kids meal and a beer. I would never go back.

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          What is with this fulton's? I had the same experience there. I have heard critics rave about the place. What were they smokin?