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Sep 30, 2006 02:32 AM

Orchard St. Chop Shop, Dover, NH

Leaving MA, headed for south of Conway, NH. Looking for a place for dinner on the way, preferring something close to the destination. Unfortunately, Ossipee, Tamworth, Wakefield, Rochester, etc., are restaurant wastelands.

Tonight we followed the car navigation system to what we expected to be Firehouse One in Dover, NH. It seems, however, to have morphed into "Orchard St. Chop Shop."

Anyway, except for the lack of seafood, we were not disappointed. I had Chicken Saltimbocca. My wife had Veal Scallopini. Both were excellent, and abundant. We brought home doggie boxes.

The service could have been quicker, but there seemed to be only one waitress for ~10 tables.


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  1. We ate at the “Top of the Chop” (upstairs, bar area) which is more casual that the first floor and has a more moderately priced menu. We enjoyed what we ate which was just a few apps and a couple of beers. My honest opinion is that Dover is not a town for high end restaurants, hence the one waitress for ten tables (read: the place isn’t usually that busy). This doesn’t mean the food or service is bad, on the contrary, the place has a good reputation, but the town is not Portsmouth by any stretch.