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Sep 30, 2006 02:14 AM

I just tried the deep fried capers

I just tried the deep fried capers on a salad that someone posted recently. It was wonderful, definetely a keeper! Thanks to who ever posted it.

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  1. Did you coat them in anything or just drop them in fat? What oil did you use?


    1. Just dried them and put them in a deep fryer with veg. oil. I didn't dry them enough, as the oil made quite a fuss. Next time I will let them set a few hours after drying to further get rid of moisture.

      1. Did you serve them as a garnish on something?

        1. Yes, on a salad- as the original poster suggested. Added a whole new level of flavor.

          1. Wow! Dropping something in a deep fryer makes it even tastier, who'd a thought?

            Sounds in concept like deep fried pickle slices....