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I just tried the deep fried capers

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I just tried the deep fried capers on a salad that someone posted recently. It was wonderful, definetely a keeper! Thanks to who ever posted it.

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  1. Did you coat them in anything or just drop them in fat? What oil did you use?


    1. Just dried them and put them in a deep fryer with veg. oil. I didn't dry them enough, as the oil made quite a fuss. Next time I will let them set a few hours after drying to further get rid of moisture.

      1. Did you serve them as a garnish on something?

        1. Yes, on a salad- as the original poster suggested. Added a whole new level of flavor.

          1. Wow! Dropping something in a deep fryer makes it even tastier, who'd a thought?

            Sounds in concept like deep fried pickle slices....

            1. Awesome! I posted something about having first had them on a really nice filet mignon caesar salad in Eureka, Calif. - might've been that one. I need to dry-and-fry some capers soon instead of just talking about them.

              1. just use the capers packed in salt... best results.

                1. They don't need to be deep fried. Here is another simple dish with fried capers.