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Sep 30, 2006 02:09 AM

first time going to providence tonight

anything i should know? heard that it's best to go for the tasting menu - but when i called they said they had 2 different ones - a 5 course and a 9 course one. anything in particular i should try?

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  1. Be sure to try the delicious "chowda", others will know more on the tasting menu.

    1. If you wish to go beyond the Nine Course, ask for the TM I normally do (120-150ea) and worth it! Donoto or MC will take good care of you.
      I'm jealous,

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      1. re: russkar

        there's a third option for the tasting menu? i'll be sure to inquire...

        1. re: rameniac

          This is a 13 course TM at Providence we enjoyed several months ago. We just let MC create dinner.
          Bellis 3 (Salmon, Bass, Bluefin) Sashimi
          Spot Prawns w/fennel, orange, herbs
          Sword tip Squid & Santa Barbara UNI
          Live New Zealand Spiny Lobster (they kept attacking the Maine
          Lobsters in the tank)
          Live Eastern Scallop w/ cherries and chanterelles
          Striped Bass, cranberry beans, kumquat, olives
          Seared Steamed Foie Gras
          Blue Fin Ahi-Duck Confit w/turnip greens, vin rouge
          Colo Rack of Rare Lamb, bacon cauliflower raviolo, baby green onion
          Cheese mini platter
          Artic Nectarine
          Verbena Icecream
          Warm Chocolate Tart w/olive oil icecream, candied heirloom tomatoes