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Sep 30, 2006 02:00 AM

westfield centre. the horror. but korean food!

stopped by the westfield centre today and wanted to run back out onto the safety of market st. ASAP. i had no idea that the people of a major city could get worked up into such a frezy over _a mall_.

still, i can't wait for it to die down for two things:
1. there's a fast food korean joint downstairs. authentic it's not but there were a mountain of grilled shortribs that i looked longingly at. i miss nyc k-town. unfortunately the line was about 20 deep.

until then, i will indulge in l&l, my guilty pleasure.

2. wichcraft. expensive and small portioned sandwiches, yes, but i doubt i'll find a fast grilled cheese with truffle oil anywhere else in town.

has anyone anything to add regarding overpriced mall food?

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  1. i think the korean place is sorabol, if i am not mistaken. there is also one at stonestown. i haven't been there recently, but the bbq chicken bowl was quite tasty. i always asked for extra broccoli, hold the glass noodles.

    i hope someone reports on wichcraft soon!

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    1. re: artemis

      Sorabol also has one in Newark's New Park Mall. They moved from food court area to it's own space at the 1st floor.

      Anyone knows what's The Icing at San Francisco Centre? Can't find any reference from google search, however it's listed as a merchant from

      1. re: Mul

        It's a cheapish jewelery store chain, similar to Claires.

      2. re: artemis

        Wichcraft wasn't open when I looks like they'll need a while to do I also will be looking for a report from downtown Chowhounders....

        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          Oh by the way....Wichcraft is NOT located within the new is located under the new Bloomingdales on Mission Street at its' far western corner...

          1. re: ChowFun_derek

            There's a 'Wichcraft in Vegas in the MGM, and also apparently many of them in NY ( If this outpost of the chain is anywhere near as overpriced as the one in Vegas, I'd stay away. The grilled cheese sandwiches are pretty tasty, but overall, I was not impressed.

            1. re: goatcheesey

              Yesterday I was told that wichcraft will be open on Tuesday. I had a cup of gelato at Melt , but gelato that was not. What a waste of time and money.

        2. re: artemis

          On 10/5 I stopped in 'wichcraft after walking through Bloomingdale's. Now I remember hearing of it and Tom Colicchio through the Top Chef tv show and its sandwich competition (there is a mortadela sandwich on the menu that might be the winner's concoction). But at the moment, it didn't click and I was just struck by the prices, and aimed low hoping for the best.

          Breakfast sandwiches are served all day, and the onion fritatta on ciabatta roll looked like the cheapest hot sandwich I could order at $6.50. The menu I picked up shows that I was wrong - that role is actually filled by the grilled gruyère & caramelized onions on rye at $5.50. The place was nearly deserted, with two people picking over one sandwich and other folks who came in to look at the menu board (it's too far away to read from the sidewalk) and then left, presumably because of the $8-$10 price range for sandwiches.

          I got my sandwich to go, which is a real shame. The space is basically a giant window box with spare/modern furnishings that allow unfettered views of the street and pedestrian traffic. Given that my sandwich was perfect - fresh and chewy ciabatta roll, not too much cheddar or onion, and large enough to serve as my early dinner - I would like to come back here with a friend sometime to try the gruyère or goat cheese sandwiches and stay to enjoy the location, not to mention one of the cute-sounding cream'wiches for dessert.

        3. The Icing is a girls' accessories store... like Claire's. Not food related at all.

          1. Sorabol is a locally-based chain which now has several branches in the Philippines as well. It began as a single restaurant in Oakland which once won a readers poll as the best Korean restaurant in the Bay Area, according to the company's website.

            The quality seems to vary a lot from item to item and from location to location. I can recall a great bowl of garlic noodles (loaded with fresh garlic) at the Rincon center branch, and some good BBQ at the Stonestown branch, but I've been disappointd as often as I've been pleased.


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            1. re: Gary Soup

              I like the bbq chicken and the glass noodles at the Emeryville Public Market location. It might have been the first of their fastfood restaurants.

              The Sorabol Restaurant on Grand in Oakland would be on my favorite restaurant list if it were still open. I believe it is where I first had Korean food in the early 80's. It was beautifully appointed, like a modern country inn, and the bbq was wonderful, panchan plentiful and varied and the kimchee fiery.

              1. re: Gary Soup

                Sorabol used to be on Grand Avenue near the Lake. The place is still run by somebody else as a Korean bbq place. It's quite elegant inside.

                Sorabol used to be wonderful. Everything was always fresh and perfectly seasoned.

                1. re: oakjoan

                  How is the food at the new place? It's been years since Sorabol closed. Do they still have the long bar at the entrance? I'll bet they used to serve soju before it was in vogue. I remember seeing some potent-looking martinis. They use to comp us little glasses of some sort of sweet plum brandy.

              2. About 10 people from my department went Friday early afternoon, and were so overwhelmed by sensory overload in the food area decided to leave and go somewhere else. Looking forward to checking it out when things are not so 2007.

                1. Swung by 'wichcraft earlier today and it was open. I grabbed a tuna sandwich to go. Tuna with fennel (& fronds), thinly sliced lemon, olives & aioli. Very good - maybe a little dry... DH got a slow roasted pork w/ red cabbage, jalapeno and mustard - perfect amount of heat from the jalapeno.

                  The wait was overlong. They were offline and had to use the handheld thing for card charges and actually call orders out instead of seeing them on a monitor. Obviously this slowed them down. We were given two cookies for the wait. Not that they were worth the wait, but dang are they gooood. The PB in particular - they are perfectly salty!

                  The space is very nice, lots of natural light. Except in the 2nd floor seating area - it looks kind of dark. But, at least there IS a 2nd floor - they'll probably need it.