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Sep 30, 2006 01:54 AM

What other beers might I like if I like: Hoegaarden, Harp, Bud Dry, dry Japanese beers, some bitter I had in England?

... I suppose I could stick to those but am wondering what I'm missing.

I don't like a really 'alkaline' taste if that makes any sense to anyone. And I'm a cola/carbonation aficionado.

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  1. Well, that is a pretty broad spectrum, especially with some bitter thrown in. However, every one you listed is light in color and not excessivley bitter. Also, they don't have any flavor or aroma hops. My first recommendation would be the world's oldest brewery, Weihenstephaner, which makes a golden wheat beer. My second one is a bit of a different style, a Belgian white ale, Duvel, and is also a kind of wheat beer. After those, I might consider Boddington's a widely available English bitter, which is not really bitter. And, try, please try some good Czech beer, Pilsner Urguel would be a start.

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    1. re: Captain

      Why, thank you for the astute observations. I'll put these on my list to try and will aim to report back.

    2. You keep mentioning "bitter" so I'd think you'd like some of the more dry pale ales... Try Victory Hop Devil or Sierra Nevada to start. BE SURE TO HARD POUR THEM INTO A GLASS, allow to foam then recede... you absolutely will not get the flavor or aroma experience by drinking out of a bottle or slow pouring down the side of the glass.

      Also alot of the beers you mention are fairly "light" so you might like some great wheat beers like Paulaner, Julius Echter, Konig-Ludwig, or any of a number of great American wheat microbrews.

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        To be clear Chicago Mike I'm thinking that by "bitter" Cinnamon might be refering to the bitter-style of ale which again isn't bitter at all. So if Cinnamon is into bitters I'd suggest any English Mild, Bitters, Special Bitters (SB) or Extra Special Bitters (ESB). For me all these beers tend to be soft and approachable.