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Looking for Suggestions for Dinner after the Army Navy Game

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Our Midshipman son has got us tickets for the game so we'll be attending this year. It's a special treat for us to see him as well as the game because we live across the country in Santa Barbara, CA. We'd like to take him and some of his friends out for dinner after the game so are looking for a place that's not too expensive - our son loves just about any cuisine but says he thinks that Italian or something American/regional is safe option for a diverse group of Mids. Oh, and we're staying at the Sheraton Society Hill and will be traveling by public transportation.

Thank You!

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  1. A price range per person may help a bit. There are many good restaurants in your area, price will be the deciding factor. We have BYOB's which I'm not sure if your are interested in or not. But they allow you to bring your own alcohol. Usually wine is in tow, and you may bring as much as you would like, it really helps cut down the bill if you like to have a few drinks with dinner. Bisto 7, Hosteria da Elio and Ava are BYOBs in the area which are Italian and solid food also walking distance. Bistro Romano is also good Italian in walking distance, no BYO. Also if you have any idea of how many people you'll be taking out that may help, you will want to make res. for a Saturday night.
    ...I believe all mentioned take reservations

    1. I seond Hostaria da Elio. It's not that big so I would make a reservation right away if the group is fairly large. Would not recommend Bistro Romano. It's a dark, romantic atmosphere and the food isn't great.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. As my Mid and his friends are not of drinking age - a BYOB for us parents would be great. With the new airline restrictions I doubt if we'll be bringing any Santa Barbara wines with us. Is there a wine shop or liquour store near our hotel? I will try and pin my son down on number of friends and make my reservation soon. I'm sure the city will be hopping for the game.

        1. For a fun time for all you might try The Continental at 2 and Market ( a couple of blocks from your hotel). It is a creative, regional American, fun Martini Bar and small plate unique Bistro. La Famiglia around the corner is good Italian but maybe more than you want to spend.
          You are in a neighborhood replete with MANY restaurants and might want to stroll about and pick a place before the game. Also down near the stadium there are many Italian places (it is South Philly after all)

          1. You might want to consider La Viola. It is a little far from your hotel, but really not to bad (16th and Spruce). It is a very reasonably priced Northern Italian BYO that has really terrific food and a great atmosphere--a little cramped, but that is part of the fun. Plus, they have a terrific, friendly staff. It's a great celebration spot!
            BEAT ARMY.

            1. There are plenty of places within walking distance of your hotel......you have easy access to Old City, South Street, Headhouse Square, Queen Village and even parts of Center City....all can be reached on foot.

              Some favorites:
              Amada (Tapas) in Old City,
              Radicchio (Italian) in Old City,
              La Locanda del Ghiottone (Italian) in Old City,
              Matyson (BYOB)in Center City (short cab ride)
              and the many, many great South Philly Italian joints......Tre Scalini, L'Angolo, etc.

              And if you stay in Old City and need a liquor store, there is one on 2nd St. between Market and Chestnut Sts......I think.

              Check out the local paper's reviews. Can be searched by neighborhoods. http://www.philly.com/mld/philly/ente...

              1. Many of the above mentioned could be pricey taking a bunch of ball players out. Any specific price range?

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                  Thanks for asking! I looked at prices at some of the menus of the recommended restaurants and blanched! Midshipmen are just about always coming from hunger and at this point it looks like I'll be hosting at least 6 and my family! I was hoping to spend about $20 - $30 per person( while we would like a glass of wine, our son most of his friends are under 21 so will drink sodas etc) and would like a place with easy public transportation access as none of us will have a car. While our Mid will stay the night with us but the others will be heading back to buses to take them back to the Academy or to hotels to share a room for the night. My son asked for Italian as it's familiar to just about every one. He loves pasta especially Pasta Carbonara.

                2. Carbonara is my favorite dish as well, unfortunately it's not on the menu as much as I would like. I would recommend this: Going to a BYOB and bring your own wine with so you don't have to run around finding a liquor store. Make reservations. And try either Ava, Hosteria da Elio, or Bistro 7(All BYO's and all within walking distance to your hotel). You should definitely be able to get out of those 3 for under $30 per person and I know the first two take reservations. The first 2 are also right next to South St. which if you have time to kill you may want to walk up and down. The most action happens from 2nd to 5th on South St. Bascially a bunch of stores, bars, and eateries that is filled with people, not your ordinary shopping stretch as it's a bit younger and more tatooed I guess would be the description, either way something to do if there is time to use up. Bistro 7(only one that is not Italian) is in the heart of Old City a very happening nightlife scene and historic as well. Definitely recommend walking to the restaurants if possible to see the city a bit. As for those who aren't staying, a cab would probably be the best bet depending where they are going.