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Sep 30, 2006 01:05 AM

Good eats by the Berkeley Marina?

Will be out at the Marina tomorrow all day....would like to go and get some good food at a casual place nearby. Not to familar with the anything around? Like everything...esp. eithnic.
Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Vik's Chaat House would be perfect. Lots of great Indian food there.

    1. Might also try Jimmy Bean's at Gilman and 6th in Berkeley, or Picante (Mexican) just down 6th St. from Gilman.

      1. Second on Vik's, that's the best ethnic place for lunch nearby.

        Picante no es picante. Jimmy Bean, once was enough.

        1. Third Vik's. It's exactly what you're looking for.

          Vik's Chaat Corner

          724 Allston Way
          Berkeley, CA 94710
          (510) 644-4412

          1. Vik's is casual in the sense that you are eating in a warehouse with a rollup
            door and some picnic tables. It's certainly a beloved, if a bit salty, institution
            in that neighborhood but just keep your expectations in order ...

            Lately I'm really liking Indus Village on San Pablo about 4 doors north of
            University Ave. Pakistani. Pretty much everything, from the ctm up to the
            lamb chops, is packed with wild bursts of unexpected (for me at least)
            flavor. Counter service, weak chai, wild chairs.

            You'll be close to 4th St. and San Pablo Ave, which might help if you're
            searching listings here. 4th St. is an outdoor shopping mall with mostly
            very expensive grub. The intersection of San Pablo and University has,
            within one block in each direction, Indian, Jamaican, Pakistani, Cheese Steak,
            Anatolian, Pizza, Mexican, a Food from Spain supply shop, and a Tiki bar.
            Very hard to go wrong there.

            Don't be afraid of grabbing a powerup at the Sea Breeze Market at
            the entrance to the Marina. There's an espresso machine and a fry-o-lator
            and a decent selection of drinks in bottles. If nothing else, it provides a
            big "what the heck is this doing here?" sense of surreality to your day.

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            1. re: Chuckles the Clone

              I've stopped by the Sea Breeze for cold drinks more then a few times and fries once in a while but never ordered anything else. Some of the stuff looks good but it's never meal time when I go by. Anyone have any experience?