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Sep 30, 2006 12:54 AM

Mexican Roundup in New Rochelle

I think it is time for a proper, full roundup of mexican places in New Rochelle. As I posted here: I've been wanting to do a proper troll of mexican places in New Rochelle. I know many of you (Pat Hammond, Kydd, JSexton and others) have gone to a lot of these places. so..., I'd like to create the catalogue of sorts for the best places in New rochelle. Then provide start to decide which are the best places for which things... anyhow, starting with the place JSexton recommended:

Name: Pastelandya
What to get: Tacos al pastor
Address: 220 Union Ave

Name: Little Mexican Cafe
What to get: Pozole on weekends... what else?
Address: 581 Main St

Name: La Herradura
What to get: (?) (remember hearing about this place from someone
)Address: 563 Main st

Name: El Gran Rodeo
What to get: (?) same as above... remember getting a tip here
Address: 390 North Ave

Name: Mexican Corner
What to get: Tamales, sopes (per Pat
)Address: 497 Main St

Name: Tlaquepaque
What to get:
Address: 347 North

Name: El Michoacano
What to get: (?) (but with that name, the BETTER have good carnitas
)Address: 485 Main Street

Name: El Trigal bakery
What to get: pastel tres leches
Address: 216 Union

Now, I know I've missed some places... isn't there a paleteria in new rochelle? Any other new places we should be aware of? And, of the places above, where are the gems? I'm sure each has their own specialty... any and all additions, insights and revelations welcome!

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  1. There are two paleterias, branches of the same business: Paleteria Michoacana I and II. One is on North, one is in the heart of the Mexican Neighborhood on Union (acros from Pastelandya and El Trigal. The Times wrote extensively on them twice, and the Journal News did a little round up of the food scene in N.R. featuring them.

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    1. re: JSexton

      I love the corn muffins at El Trigal.

    2. La Herradura is a funny place--v. high decor values, strange(but kinda good) mexican yeast bread pizzas, aguas frescas(GREAT horchata) and batidos. I wasn't overwhelmed with the quality of food there, but I can see how some people might prefer the decor to the kinds of places I favor. I've been there once, but can't see myself going back when Little Mexican Restaurant is so good. LMR has a wood burning grill, so the carne asada, the cecina (dried salted beef), chorizo and carnitas (Charro Platter) are really smoky and good. They make the guac to order and it's always perfect. Pollo con mole isn't on the menu, but they sell it if you know about it and the mole is the best I've had around --really deep and soulful. It comes on the enchilada platter as well. (The cheese enchiladas w/mole are the best. The restaurant manager is Peruvian and very nice--they're all very proud of their success and their popularity among food. One embarrassing admission--they do a great margarita, which is a v. touristy thing to order. They use fresh lime juice, so it's bright and tart and delicious rather than sticky sweet and gross.

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      1. re: JSexton

        wow... a wood burning grill? I'm there in a heartbeat...

        1. re: JSexton

          Is the margarita thing new? I could swear that when I took my family there, they only served beer. Man, with margaritas, I'll be able to get my son-in-law in there again. And ditto on the guacamole!

        2. I assume Little Mexican Restaurant = Little Mexican Cafe?

          Further proof that New Rochelle has become New York City. I don't imagine it will cost $88. for an entree for two at Little Mexican Cafe.

          Progress. You have to love it. Now, if they just do something about the stores downtown.

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          1. re: dolores

            I'm sorry--yes. It's Little Mexican Cafe (581 Main St.). I always confuse the name with Mexican Corner Restaurant down the street (which is a nice storefront taqueria as opposed to a real tablecloth/liquor license restaurant). The entrees aren't dirt cheap at LMC (ranging from $6 for a 3 flauta platter to $15.95 for Tampiquena Platter--carne asada and enchilada with guac,poblanos and beans), but I feel they offer great value and quality. I was amazed by the margarita myself--I was all set for a Negro Modelo. The manager offered and I thought , well, what the hell. I was so pleased with the quality of the drink--it was the best margarita I've had out in a while. Very fresh, tart and crisp -- all the sweetness coming from a not-bad tequila. The grilled cecina (salt dried beef) is delicious.

            1. re: JSexton

              Haven't been in since the margaritas arrived, but I hope the bar near the grill is still an option for seating. That's been my favorite spot, when I'm there on my own. (Maybe the margaraitas have been there quite a while, though, but I never knew it, until now.) It'll be nice to order one, while waiting for my food!

              1. re: Pat Hammond

                Thursday evening is mariachi night--so plan accordingly, depending on your attitude to mariachis. The musicians are not for gringo tourists, though--the mariachis are for the regulars.

                1. re: JSexton

                  Good margaritas and mariachis AND authentic food? Sounds wonderful, thank you, I have to make note of this.

                  Mr. dolores works in New Rochelle and brings home the milk pops from the Paleteria on Union Ave. (I grew up on Second St., the West is the Best) on his way home, and they are out of this world.

          2. Re: "Mexican Corner"

            Native Angeleno (transplanted to RI) decided to beat the traffic leaving NYC north on 95 on Sunday, stopping for lunch at a random exit...somehow arrived in this goldmine of Mexican restaurants.

            Ordered enchiladas con mole (w/ chicken). Amazingly good. Very large plate, 3 enchiladas, sauce inside and out; moist, shredded chicken (not the fajita-type some places try to get away with). Rice with chicken stock and cilantro, beans rather bland, but ok. Horchata worth a special trip, plus a large one to go (made on premises). It was packed at 2pm and I sat at the 2-seater bar. Delightful service and food. I'll be back.

            1. Finally got to Little Mexican Cafe last night. The pozole was perfect as were the tacos al Pastor. We've been going to Port Chester for Mexican and really enjoy the food at Tortilleria los Gemelos, although not the uncomfortable seating, but the tacos al pastor at LMC were the best I've had since Mexico. The meat was perfectly moist, a little fatty/crispy and the marinade was definitive.

              We also had the pozole which was great. I can see that I'll be jonesing for that on a regular basis through the winter and will be going back very soon.

              The sopes were decent but I'd like to find better. We ordered one of each - chicken, carnitas and the salted beef. The shell was correct made of masa and were appropriately doughy with a slightly crisp edge but they were a little bland, too unadorned with only the meat and some cheese on top. Could have used some onion and other flavoring. They brought really spicy green salsa to the table and that helped. The cheese was also not queso fresco as it should have been but was shredded, something as someone posted on another thread, akin to mozzarella.

              The service was attentive and accommodating and the kitchen agreed to make our six year old daughter a "gringo" soft taco with ground beef and yellow cheese and even that was really tasty.

              We were so full we couldn't even touch the Charro platter and we brought it home so will have it for dinner tonight.

              All in all, a very good experience and we definitely go back but still need to try the other NR Mexican places too. I'd love to know who makes the best sope.

              Oh, we also stopped at El Trigal on the way home. Bought a sampling of lots of stuff including the tres leches. It was good but having lived in Miami for four years I think the Cubans have a lock on the best tres leches. The other items, cookies, sweet breads, etc. were good, not amazing. Doughnuts my daughter wanted, nothing special. If anyone has a suggestion for something else that we should try from there, please post.