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Sep 30, 2006 12:39 AM

Best Raw Oysters Deal

Hi Everyone,

Where would you recommend getting great raw oysters (good ambiance not necessary) for a great deal. I've tried Ocean Seafood in Santa Monica, which has a wide variety of oysters from the east/west coast. it is good, but it's also kinda pricey.


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  1. ocean ave. has an oyster happy hour (i forgot if it's every day or weekends only) where if you sit at the bar the daily oyster (usually not a terribly exotic variety but fairly high quality nonetheless) are $.99 or $1.50 or somethingly like that. call em and ask for hours. other stuff is like cheap too, maybe half price or something - clam chowder, etc.

    1. WATER GRILL downtown has a great happy hour which includes much of their raw bar.

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      1. re: revets2

        REally?? What hours, what percentage off of regular menu prices?

      2. My raw oyster paradise is Redondo Beach boardwalk's fish market.
        Largest variety I've ever seen anywhere.
        Ambiance factor = zero.

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        1. re: RicRios

          Definitely second this one BUT the ambiance is the true outdoors and if you eat cracked crab you leave all the mess here NOT in your kitchen or on your deck. Great place - go early Saturday before the crowds wake up.

          1. re: ZoeZ

            went today for $15 steamed lobsters! gotta try those oysters!

            How are the other samplings of shellfish? I am curious about the conch and sea urchin....

        2. Mirabelle on Sunset for happy hour 4-7.

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            I'd agree - at Mirabelle's happy hour you get a half-dozen oysters with one of their various martinis (one even has an oyster in it as well) for around $10-12 (can't remember the exact amount).

          2. Definately Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier. Sit on cement picnic tables and feast on at least 25 varieties of oysters, live in saltwater tanks. Although with the recent oyster scare there may be fewer. The fried silver smelt are great. Prices for lobsters and Dungeness are way higher than 99 Ranch. A great destination.