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Kid-Friendly Restaurant or Take-out near Marriott Brooklyn Bridge

Hello. I will be staying at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge location (333 Adams St.) next Saturday night for a wedding the next day. I will have my three year old with me, as he is in the wedding party. Just wanted to know if there are an great restaurants nearby that would appeal to (or put up with) an active and energetic 3 year old boy for an early dinner. Or...are there any great pizza places, etc., that we could order takeout from? I can always do room service, but I am not a big fan of over-priced hotel food...Thanks for any suggestions. Kate

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  1. Bubby's in Dumbo great palce for kids and family especially weekend brunch

    1. Do I dare suggest BBQ on Livingston? No matter how energetic a kid gets, this place is fine...

      1. I also recommend BUBBY'S in DUMBO. Very child friendly with a kiddie menu.

        You can also walk over and see the skyline and Statue of Liberty.

        1. Grand Canyon on Montague St., just a couple of blocks from the Marriott, is an old-fashioned burger joint that really serves good burgers and shakes. Might appeal to your son.

          1. Monty's on Montague is by no means " NY style" pizza but its 3 blocks away and kid friendly. Pretty good pizza and salads, sandwiches...

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              I think Monty Q's pizza is a good suggestion, for what she's looking for. Dallas BBQ too. My kids love Bubby's, but DUMBO is kind of a long walk from the Marriott for a 3-year-old....

            2. Waterfront alehouse at 155 Atlantic is very kid friendly

              1. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I am going to do a search on all four places. However, I have one question, so please forgive my ignorance...What is DUMBO? Thanks again, Kate

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                  Id ask you, what kind of experience do YOU want? There are other places around, like Waterfalls for middle-eastern on Atlantic Ave. or Ruthies on DeKalb with soulfood that would definitely work with a small child, but are not oriented particularly that way. The BBQ place on Livingston doesnt strike me from street side as child-oriented - it seems more like a Friday night after-work gathering place a la TGIF - am I wrong?

                2. a neighborhood near the hotel: Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass D U M B O

                  1. Actually, the name of your hotel is a misnomer; you are actually closer to Atlantic Avenue and the pedestrian-friendly outdoor Fulton Mall than you are to Dumbo. Avoid the previous recommended Bubby's rec -- walking there at night will scare you and taking a cab is unnecessary when you have closer options available (plus I don't like their food).

                    -Downtown Atlantic -- New American/comfort food, absolutely great for families. Great adult food but also a children's menu. Good desserts including maybe the best cupcake in Downtown Brooklyn. http://www.downtownatlantic.com/
                    -Junior's -- the food is just ok but it's a Brooklyn institution. Well-known for their cheesecake. http://www.juniorscheesecake.com/abou...
                    -Waterfront Ale House -- it's a bar but a friendly pub-style one. You can easily take a child there. Good pub food. http://www.waterfrontalehouse.com/

                    In addition, the Fulton Mall is a no-traffic zone with a lot of fast food outlets. Though I don't recommend any of these, you have that option.

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                      The name of the hotel really isn't a misnomer, because the entrance to the bridge is a block away on Adams and Tillary.

                      I thought of Yemen Cafe on Atlantic Av., but the portions are really too big for one adult and one small child, unless you're really hungry. It's cheap, though, and has beautiful photographs of Yemen that a child is likely to enjoy looking at. Service is slow-paced, but I think the waiters would dote on a 3-year-old.

                      Fountain Cafe, also on Atlantic, may be fun for your 3-year-old, because it has a little fountain inside. I've liked what I've had there, which is pretty standard Levantine food but well-made. Their felafel is moist and very flavorful, and they have nice desserts, though I'd suggest going to Damascus Bakery and getting that pastry with date paste in it (its name is slipping my mind).

                    2. I believe the request was a place that would be good for dining with a 3 year old child.

                      Your little one probably can't walk to any of the destinations mentioned here. I would suggest getting a cab right outsider the Hotel and going to MONTY's on Montague Street. Pizza, salad, pasta, good choice for toddlers. Ditto for BUBBY'S.

                      The ARCHIVES RESTAURANT in the Hotel is quite good, but the others would be more fun.

                      1. Grimaldis pizza is kid friendly and if it's really crowded, you can get a pie to go and sit in the park or on the pier and watch the boats. after you can get an ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

                        Five Front (a couple of doors away from Grimaldis) is good for an early dinner with a 3 year old. I've taken my 9 mo old and seen other kids there and the food is decent.