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Sep 29, 2006 10:20 PM

Help me ID my sashimi Part 2

Last March I posted a query asking help to ID the fish in my sashimi plate:

A big thanks to those who posted replies. I learned a lot and since then have started to learn how to discern and appreciate different fishes. Recently I ordered a sashimi platter from a different place; I was dining with others and didn't get to ask the server or sushi chef about the fish, so I'm turning to the wisdom of the board.

Here's my sashimi platter:

I'm returning to this restaurant this weekend and would love a repeat of the pure white fish in the top right (if it's available) but I have no idea what it is. And for the rest of the plate, I have guesses but would like help confirming my guesses.

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  1. Wow, that pure white one is a mystery and I eat a reasonable amount of sushi/sashimi. Where do you live?

    My thoughts/guesses:

    upper row, left - either kanpachi or shima aji
    upper row, middle - salmon, of course
    upper row, right - mystery fish

    lower row, left - looks like snapper (tai?)
    lower row, middle - tuna (maguro)
    lower row, right - yellowtail (hamachi)

    1. from upper left going clockwise:
      Yellowtail, Salmon, Tako (octopus), Albacore, Maguro tuna, and Amberjack

      That's my best guess...

      1. It looks to me like it might be white tuna ...

        1. My best guess for the top right mystery fish is black cod or sablefish, but it's a long shot.

          1. I vote Squid. That's the only thing I know that would be so opaque and white.

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              It's too thick to be squid and doesn't look like octopus, either... My guess would be hirame (flounder)

              1. re: butterfly

                Well, I've had squid steaks a good bit thicker than those pieces...