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Sep 29, 2006 10:13 PM

Gui Rim in Koreatown?

Went to Sonic Youth last night...and parked in front of a Korean BBQ restaurant called Gui Rim...on 6th just west of Western.

It was packed.

Anyone been?

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  1. my friends all love the place. i think the full name is soot bulguirim.

    i attempted to go last weekend but it was uber crowded and i was unable to find any parking within a 4blk radius so i went to get my kbbq fix elsewhere. but soot bulguirim is definitely on my "must try" list!

    1. Good place featuring an "all you can eat menu" for around $15 (it's been a while since i've been... price may be different). They can be slow when it's crowded, and service isn't great, but the food is decent and it's a nice place to bring a bunch of friends to consume massive quantities of meat and alcohol. It's one of my favorite BBQ places in K-town.

      You can park in a valet lot on the NW corner of 6th and Manhattan (the lot is across the street, basically). Additionally, there's a branch at Vermont and 3rd. Aside from having noticeably greasier floors, the 3rd/Vermont place was identical to the one on 6th/Manhattan.

      Just a note for the previous poster... I can read Korean and i'm still not entirely sure what their name is other than the fact that the words "Goo Eee Rim" are prominently displayed at their entrance. "Soot Bul" refers to a style of cooking (a la "tacos al vapor"... but definitely not vapor. It basically means charcoal), and "Guirim" is also a word/phrase, so there's no such word as "Bulguirim." I believe "Goo Eee" means to cook, but others with a better vocabulary may want to chime in.

      1. I tried Gui Rim for the first time last week. The meat was really good but I had a hard time ordering since there were only 3 servers for the whole restaurant. This was at the Vermont location. Good deal for $14.99.

        1. I tried this place on a Friday over Labor Day weekend. The meat is good and it is still AYCE for $14.99 but it's quite a wait. They told us 30 minutes for a party of 4 and we ended up waiting an hour and a half. Plus the fans in the restaurant are only for show. They do not turn them on so if you end up on the inside room, it can get awfully smoky.

          1. Went during recent weeknight to the 6th street location - tables turned over quickly around 8 pm - terrific BBQ with cold noodles at the end - mmmmmm can't wait to return (after washing my clothes!)