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Sep 29, 2006 10:12 PM

Dinner with my parents on Sunday

It was my parents anniversery last weekend so I had wanted to take them to Citizen Smith for dinner on Sunday. But they want to eat at 5pm because of the long drive home. Smith doesn't open till 6. I've taken them to Magnolia and they really loved it. I've never been to Water Grill, but I think I'll wait till I'm not buying dinner for 4 people to try that place ($$$$$).

Here are some other places I was thinking, but they open too late: Cobras & Matadors, doesn't open till 6. Simon LA, 6pm. Grace, 6pm. La Buca, ditto.

Other options that are open at 5pm; The Hungry Cat... can anyone think of anything else? I was hoping to take them someplace sort of on the nicer side.

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  1. AOC opens at 5:30 on weekends - would that work?

    1. 5:30 is pushing it, as I already got them to push from 4:30 to 5

      1. Its a little cheesy but they may like Gyu Kaku

        1. What about BLD? I think they're open through the afternoon. It's not as fancy as the other places on your list, but I think its nicer than Hungry Cat.

          Nick & Stef's downtown is open early on Sundays, if they might like a steakhouse. Actually, if there are performances, most of the downtown restaurants will probably take an early seating. Cafe Pinot is beautiful in the evening...

          1. OK, so now it's a 2pm dinner. My parents are getting very old, any suggestions for a good brunch at that hour? I see that Memphis, Hotel Bel-Air Dining Room, Campanile, and The Grill on the Alley are open for lunch. Any favorites?