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Sep 29, 2006 09:24 PM

Is a mango slicer worth it? [moved from General Topics]

My son and I love mangos, and they are kind of a pain to cut up. Are those mango pitter things worth it? I was just at Bed and Bath and passed up the $12 Oxo one because I know I saw a smaller one at Surfas.

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  1. Glad to know BB&Byond Believable prices has them. I will pick one up. Yes, they work very well and there is nothing herre close to Surfas. I find them a pain to cut up and frequently buy frozen. The frozen are harvested at peak ripenss and flash frozen and so easy to use! But having the cutter will make making someting like mango tarte tatin so much more easy.

    1. I think americas test kitchen or cooks illustrated had a review on the mango pitter a few months ago and said it was a great new gadget that really works. We eat a lot of mangos and I've been looking for one, but have been unable to find one. Thanks for the tip about Bed and Bath, I'll take a look at my local one.

      1. Dissenting opinion alert!

        It leave so much mango left on the pit that you end up slicing it anyway.

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          I got one for Mom & Dad, since they eat so many mangos. They said the same, gave it a big thumbs-down.

        2. I've found a technique I saw on the Food Network to be more efficient than my Oxo mango cutter. Make a vertical cut through the mango from top to bottom. Move around the mango 90 degrees and make a similar cut (you've essentially sectioned off a quarter of the mango). Use your knife to peel the mango quarter, then cut slices off of that quarter. Repeat for each quarter. Very little waste, and you don't have to wrestle with slippery mango flesh.

          1. I was excited about this (the Oxo) when it first came out, and rushed to get one, but I was underwhelmed. It works fine, but it really only cuts out one step (the second vertical slice) of a process that I had pretty much mastered. I'll keep using it because I have it, but I find it unneccesary and wouldn't buy it again.