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Sep 29, 2006 09:03 PM

Half Moon Bay

I am looking for as many ideas as possible to places tom eat in Half Moon Bay...
Good Espresso
Good Lunches
Good Drinking Holes
Casual and great dinner places
Fancy and great dinner places...


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  1. There are multiple threads available thru the search box above ... you might start with:

    1. This past Saturday night, my family and I ate at Chez Shea and we were all very pleased. Across 6 of us, all entrees were good.

      A couple of us had the fish special-- escolar with some sauce, I can't remember-- but I am still thinking about it. Fish perfectly cooked and good sized, the sauce was perfect, not overwhelming but complementing the fish. Served over some vegetables.

      One tried a regular menu entree with ground beef and bananas-- again very tasty, but the portion seemed small. The special soup, butternut squash curry soup was interesting and surprised everyone b/c it was not sweet, but more savory and the curry stood out. Very good too.

      Several dessert options-- we tried a flourless chocolate cake (good), almond torte (ok), and lemon tart (our favorite).

      Overall great experience service and food. Several vegetarian options, and there is an outdoor patio. We arrived a little before 7 and were seated right away-- the place filled up thru the evening.

      1. When we drive down to Monterey we often stop for a meal at the 330 Cafe at the HMB airport right on the coast & Hwy. 1. 330 means something in airplane lingo. Their motto is "heavenly food at down to earth prices." Vintage aeronautic theme. Top drawer diner. Big breakfasts including benedicts served 24/7. Blue plate specials, excellent burger platters, club sand., stir fries like Joe's special, salads & soups, big omelets, fresh OJ - that sort of thing. My mother in law loves their coffee. Also Latino items. Very inexpensive. Some seating outside with a runway view.

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        1. re: niki rothman

          I have never understood the appeal of this place. The couple of times I have been there, it seems like 500 other "blue plate special" places you can find anywhere.....except this place is in an airport. Yet it certainly seems to have its fans. I must be missing something.
          For breakfast I would recommend Cafe Capistrano, just down the road from the airport in Princeton (by the harbor,) and have the Huevos Rancheros.

          1. re: tomritza

            Well, I can't speak for anybody else, but I know what appeals to me about the 330 Cafe at the HMB airport. For many years I was the dessert baker at the venerable Hamburger Mary's both in SF and at their Portland branch. This place reminds me of Mary's in some ways. Mary's was the very first restaurant to employ the thrift store look in restaurant decor. At the time it seemed very novel and depending on your point of view, bizarre or avant garde. Surly gay waiters. Unusual generosity in the servings - platters heaped high. You want a little more of something? They bring you a ton of it (for me it was hollandaise) gratis. Small things that make a difference done just a bit better. Like I'm saying, "Hmmm...EXCELLENT home fries." Freshness: crab benedict which, after I complimented it, the waiter told me they had tried to find the best crab on the market that they could. Another thing I appreciate when on the raod for a long trip, this place has sparkling clean rest rooms - implying cleanliness in the kirchen. Also, 330 is obviously full of locals, always a good sign. I'm very interested to try your recommended Capistrano cafe the next time we head to Monterey, because unfortunately, there just are not that many good places on that road - and we have tried many over the years. There's a fish place I like in Santa Cruz, but we wind up paying at least twice the price there. For example, at 330 I appreciate the consideration to local farm workers who eat there - the refritos, tortillas, etc. - Latino sides - are $1.

            1. re: niki rothman

              sold! I will give them another try over the next couple of weeks and report back. In a simliar manner, Cafe Capistrano, which is run/(owned) by a man from outside Oaxaca, will toss in his own Oaxacan specialties in the standard menu.

              1. re: tomritza

                OK, but don't hate me if you still don't like it. You never know with restaurants, my mother in law's theory is you'll say a restaurant is wonderful and then they go and change cooks. You just never know. But, unless something like that happens - it should be good.

                1. re: niki rothman

                  Just a little note, eggs benedict are not sold 24/7 because the place isn't open 24 hours. The reason I know that is because I have yet to get there at the right time. It is always closed by time I'm ready to eat.

                  Thanks for mentioning Cafe Capistrano. IMO, it gets overlooked. I'm glad to hear that it is still good. I was really impressed a while back. Nice to know about the Oaxacan option. Do you have to ask or are they just on the menu?

          2. re: niki rothman

            Hi, I'd like to visit the 330 Cafe but how do you go past security if you're not there for a flighta?

            1. re: yonghhwang

              It's the the 3-0 Cafe and you don't have to pass any security (there is none at HMB Airport anyhow) to get into it. The parking lot is right off the highway. The fence is on the other side of the restaurant and keeps the restaurant separate from the airplanes. The restaurant is named for the primary runway at HMB, which is oriented to 300 degrees. Pilots always drop the last zero from the runway heading and hence the cafe's name.

              1. re: Peter Yee

                Hi Peter, how's the food at 3-0?

                30 Cafe
                9850 Cabrillo Hwy N, Moss Beach, CA

          3. Espresso? Nah, you go to HMB, you don't want espresso, you want chai. Real chai, made from tea and milk and spices and sugar. Chai so good you're going to drive miles for it and be happy you did. Go to Coastside Coffee and Chai in the at the corner of 92 and 1 (next to the Wells Fargo). Once you try the real stuff, you'll never go back to the S-word again.

            1. I have to say of all the places I have eaten in town,
              Rogue Chefs by far was the best experience and had quality food
              I had filet (with the fresh pea coulis) loved it
              all the food I thought was great.. they really put there heart
              into it. 730 Main St.