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Sep 29, 2006 08:55 PM

Suggestions for the First Markham Place Food Court

Heya Chow'nders
OK, now that I've finished grieving over my job moving from downtown (farewell, my sweet, sweet Mystic Muffin) and up to Hwy 7 and Warden, I have discovered the beauty that is Ding Tai Fung's lucky number 13 soupbag dumplings (oh, and also? DVDs of sketchy origin). Those little dudes are the bomb -- literally if you aren't careful. So now I'm wondering if there are any other suggestions for the crazy food court in the mall. It's a bit overwhelming so someone as indecisive as me. I have had the BBQ pork on noodles from Van's BBQ. They have this green onion and ginger pesto? slurry? stuff to put on it that is just great.

So, what should I have next? So many lunches, so little time...

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  1. Alas, Fang's is no more, but there is a Szechwan place there, next to Diamond, both have excellent regional Chinese - be warned the Szeshwan dishes are really really spicy. The Congee place is very good too.

    1. At FMP, there is a Korean run Sushi place called HanaBi that makes pretty good maki. Its one of the restaurants attached to the mall.

      If you have a car, there are lots of other possibilities. Kennedy/ S of Hwy 7 has another chinese mall with a food court and loads of restaurants. Good Malaysian/Thai restaurant called Coconut Island. Just tried a new Korean restaurant, King's Table which I thought had huge servings for around $8. Bulgogi was good IMHO but I'm not an expert on Korean food. Also, Power King, Congee Wong, Keung's and Kenny's for HK noodle-congee street food. (Some of these are also at First Markham.)

      There's also cheap Dim Sum ($2? per dish) Mon - Fri at Man Woo which is north of Costco on Woodbine.

      1. If you go to the Food Court instead of the strip mall, there is a place there that sells awesome xiao long bau. They are amazing. As good as Ding Tai Fung! There's a husband/wife team that staff it. It's one of the smaller stalls with pictures of the dumplings plastered on the top half of the stall. That's all they sell -- dumplings -- to eat now and I'm sure they sell them frozen or fresh because I've seen big bags of dumplings being handed over to customers.

        I'm so sorry, but I don't remember names, just the location. It's about two stalls over from one end. In the inner courtyard, there's a juice place on one end, and the Chinese takeaway that wraps around the other end of the strip of stalls. It's the one near the Chinese takeaway.

        Hours seem to be unpredictable... open some lunch hours but not others. Open evenings after work for sure.

        Have fun exploring the food court.

        1. In the food court, there is an awesome place that makes a really authentic shanghainese beef noodle soup. The ones w/ the red beefy broth that is a bit spicy.

          If you're facing the stage area, it's the one directly left of the stage right beside a bunch of those coin operated kiddie rides. Actually two stalls selling very similar shanghai menus are right beside each other there. I prefer the one closer to the stage area.

          1. One of the biggest stalls sell Deep fried whole quails for $2.75 each. It's only written in Chinese though, so ask around.

            Snacks galore at the various candy shops....