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Sep 29, 2006 08:54 PM

La Pollada de Laura No More :(

Sad, but true. Although the name remains on the awning, the place is under new ownership and the old menu had been discarded. There are quarter pound empanadas for .99, pancakes, burgers, cheesefries, and a few "Feed Your Family" combination specials, but alas, no more ceviche. The dishwasher I spoke with this afternoon said the owner might offer a jalea on the weekends, but he seemed doubtful. Bummer.

We've been going to El Sol and Las Delicias Peruanas on 104th and 43rd for awhile now, but I will really miss La Pollada.

I got a hunk of 12 month old Manchego, some piquillos, and a block of gorgeous mojama from Despana to console myself after lunch at El Sol.

sniff, sniff,

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    1. Really? I was speaking to Manuel not too long ago ago and he mentioned nothing. I remember a year ago he was thinking about relocating. Maybe they are just moving? Last time I spoke to him in depth he wanted to start a catering side business and some other food businesses like making bottled sauces.

          1. Oh no. They really did a great ceviche. Everything there was delish. If anyone finds out that they re-opened somewhere, please post!