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Sep 29, 2006 08:36 PM

What's the Best Sushi Restaurant in Orange County?

After reading this post on la.foodblogging...

... and agreeing 100% with the author's sentiments, I've decided to tempt fate and toss this question back into the ring. After all, it's been about two years since the last "poo-flinging" sushi battle by us Orange County food lovers.

A lot of new places have opened and some old places have closed. The entire battlefield has changed, and I'm interested in seeing what awesome new places and sturdy old favorites emerge from the struggle.

I'll start it off. The restaurant I would consider the best sushi restaurant in Orange County is:

Frenzy Sushi
369 E 17th St # 17
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

- Chubbypanda

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  1. Kyotori, Brookhurst/Chapman (Garden Grove)

    Sushi Zen (17th/Newport>>>Sutra/Chronic Cantina bldg) NB

    Ten Asian (MacArthur/Birch, NB)

    1. SUSHI WASABI (tustin) OMAKASE ONLY!! Best in OC by far. $$$$
      KAZAN (HB) OMAKASE $$$
      SHUBICHO (costa mesa) OMAKASE $$

      Now for "Americanized" Sushi(Calif Rolls, etc):
      Blue Fin

      1. joe's sushi in buena park.ask for romero the head sushi wouldn't be disappointed.

        1. Kitayama in Newport Beach/Irvine area. I think they own their own fish company and fish is very fresh.

          1. The original comment has been removed