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Burgers at home

We're having a neighborhood cookout and will be doing burgers on the grill Saturday afternoon. Normally when I fix burgers, I usually add salt, black pepper, some garlic powder, an egg or two and a little A-1 to the meat and mix it all up. I like to have the butcher at the grocery grind either sirloin or rib eyes for the meat.

Out of curiosity, and also for maybe a new way to have burgers, how do you prepare your burgers before grilling?

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  1. dude-- that belongs in home cooking... you're gonna get flamed if you don't watch out...

    1. I don't add anything, just good meat and a hot fire.

      1. I use ground chuck and handle the meat as little as possible trying not to compact it and season lightly with salt, freshly ground black pepper and just a bit of garlic powder. I like to obe sure the grill is hot and the burgers chilled before cooking so that they don't over cook in the middle and get dry. Pink and juicy is good. Put them on the grill and leave them alone until time to turn then turn and toast the buns. Do not press down on the meat all that does is squeeze out the juices.

        1. I don't add anything to mine. I use a mix of ground sirloin(1.5lbs), veal(.5lb) and pork(.5lb). Everyone who has had one tells me they love it.

          1. A little fresh grated onion...

            1. I've not tried this yet, saw it on a cooking show. Make 2 really thin patties. Place a piece of cheese between them and seal/crimp the edges of the meat so cheese won't ooze out.

              1. Lawry's Seasoned Salt.


                And black pepper.

                1. salt,pepper and worchestire sauce bring to room temp then cook on a hot flame

                  1. I mix lean and medium beef that I get from my favorite butcher.

                    In addition to the spice we're in the mood for, I like to add a bit of water to replace some that is sure to have evapotated - just enough to ensure nice juicy burgers but not too much to steam them.

                    For a really special burger, quickly fry little cubes of beef on high heat to brown - leaving the beef medium rare. Mix-in the cubes while forming your burgers, then BBQ to medium and ENJOY!

                    1. ground chuck, salt and pepper.

                      As noted handle as little as possible, once formed do a little impression in the center, do not press and do not use a fork to turn.

                      1. ground chuck - 75-85% lean

                        make 2 patties, season liberally with salt & pepper and then take a tablespoon of room temp unsalted butter and place it inbetween the 2 patties. Form the patties around the butter and then grill it. If you don't like butter you can also substitute blue cheese or any other cheese for the butter.

                        but trust me, the butter makes it taste better (: It adds lubrication to the meat and makes it incredibly moist

                        1. ditto on the butter & season salt

                          1. I always start with a roast... usually a chuck, but I'll use whatever catches my eye at the store. Trim off anything that you wouldn't want to eat, and cut it into cubes. Put these in the freezer for about 15-30 minutes to get them in good shape for the grinder (I use a grinder attachment on my stand mixer.. works great).

                            While the beef cubes are firming up, I also chop up one 6-8 ounce link of andouille sausage for every 2 pounds of beef or so. Never get exact.. I just eyeball these things.

                            I grind the beef and andouille together. I usually will put the ground meat through the mixer a second time if I'm not in a hurry (helps to make sure the sausage is spread evenly throughout the meat). Then I just throw in a reasonable amount of sea salt or kosher salt and form into patties. They need no additional seasoning. Just throw them on the grill at this points.

                            As for toppings, I'm a big fan of grilled red onions, cheddar cheese, bacon, good mayo, and good mustard. About half the time, I go so far as to make my own buns as well... lots of possibilities there (jalepeno buns, onion buns, etc.).