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Sep 29, 2006 08:14 PM

Ted's Montana Grill

I know this just opened, but has anybody been yet? Is it any good? And can three people do lunch there for $100 or less, including drinks (non-alcoholic), tax and tip? Thanks to all.

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  1. I generally like to wait a while before going to a new restaurant to let them get the kinks out and to hear from those who don't mind being "guinea pigs" about their experiences.

    The website has the menu but -- *no prices*!!

    1. I have been to the one across the street from The Mall of Georgia. It was not my choice and we were guests and that was that. Okay first the service was horrible. Talk about the bum's rush...okay it was crowded, we did have some sort of reservation but man it was like they could not get us out of there fast enough. Salads brought before cocktails, dinners arrived minutes later. They wanted to turn the table now. The food? meidocre at best and really just ordinary. Secondly,I'd not wast my money on the place the food really is no tgood enough to make up for the rest.

      1. best onion rings ever

        1. Yes, you could do it for under $100...but you'll be having burgers...of which they have a ton of different kinds...that you can get either made with beef or buffalo. The menu (I threw it out, oops) was relatively fairly priced.

          I went to the opening reception/cocktail party. The room is fairly boring. It's like a notch or two below Capital Grille in both food and atmosphere.

          I sampled the shrimp, buffalo filet, buffalo sliders, and a bunch of other things. All in all it was good. Not great. And by no means a destination.

          Good option if you work in the area for lunch but otherwise it has tourist trap written all over it. Stick with the buffalo burgers.