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Sep 29, 2006 08:00 PM

Good place in downtown/midtown/buckhead atlanta for a group reunion?

I am organizing a group reunion in Atlanta in a few weeks and I need a good restaurant that can accommodate a party of ~20 people, has reasonably good food and won't break the bank. We would be happy to work with a place to do a pre-fix for the group if that might allow us to do a better restaurant for a bit less. Any thoughts?

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  1. Lots of options, but a few hints as to your group's tastes and budget will help us target the right places. I do work dinners for groups of this size here in town pretty frequently and rarely choose a prix fixe option so as to give my guests the choice, and in the end probably spend less.

    What I mean when I ask about the group's tastes is not just about the type of food, but the sort of atmosphere you'd like: is the average diner on the young side, leaning towards a fun, "hip" sort of scene? Or are we talking the far side of 40/50, possibly a bit more sedate?

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      We just has a function upstairs at the Spotted Dog in midtown.
      Cool room and great location if the pub scene is what you are looking for. The food is decent and the drinks are plentiful.
      Therese, any experience with this group of bars?

    2. I've been to several of the Derek Lawford group of pubs to which The Spotted Dog belongs. Almost all of them, I think: The Angel in Decatur, Hand in Hand in Va-Hi, and Prince of Wales across from Piedmont Park. The only one with much of menu was The Angel when it first opened, but things went downhill rapidly. Okay for pub food.

      Sounds like we should check out The Spotted Dog.

      And dep still needs to tell us what sort of crowd he/she is planning for.

      1. Have you tried Murphy's in VA-Highland? I think they do groups.