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Sep 29, 2006 07:57 PM

Catfish Festival

Don't forget Saturday is the Catfish Festival put on by Cajun corner at Jimmie Simpson Park. Let's all pray for sunshine. It sounds like fun, You don't get to hear Zydeco very often in Toronto.

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  1. Where ia the park? Festival hours?


    1. The park is at Queen & Booth (1 block west of Logan; a few blocks east of Broadview). Not sure of the time, but I believe it is most of the day and evening. Cajun Corner is the sponsor and can provide details.

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      1. Here's the website. Click on the Catfish Festival link. (at the moment, there's a message stating that the site has exceeded its data transfer limit and should be up shortly):


        1. So did anyone end up going? Between the weather and a sick girlfriend I didn't get a chance... want to hear what I missed.