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Sep 29, 2006 07:41 PM

Roppongi Choices?

We will be in Tokyo next week and have already booked several suggestions recommended on this board. But we still have not decided on our Sunday night dinner in Roppongi. We are trying to decide between Chinese Cafe Eight, Hainan Jeefan and Inakaya. I understand the first two are less expensive than Inakaya, but a Japanese friend of ours has raved about Inakaya, but hasn't been in awhile. We'd appreciate some feedback on these three suggestions or alternate choices.

Also, has anyone heard of Misogui-gawa in Kyoto? We have a lunch reservation there, but would like some feedback from someone who's been. We've also heard good things abuot Hyotei in Kyoto. If we had to decide between the two, which do you think would be better?


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  1. Hainan Jeefan is great, for a casual, Singaporean chicken. On the other hand, one of my favorite restaurants in the city is L`Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the base of the Mori Tower. Very different from Hainan Jeefan.

    In Kyoto, I like Kiku no I. They have just come out with an English book on cooking Kaiseki Ryori at home. More a food porn book than an actual cookbook.

    1. Hainan is popular but my meal there wasn't very memorable.

      Haven't been to the other two but there was a positive write-up of Inakaya in JT:

      Sasano is one of my favorite izakaya-style places in Roppongi. Nothing too innovative but very fresh fish and a good nihonshu selection.

      1. Just got back from our trip to Tokyo...had an amazing time! In Roppongi, we ended up eating at Inakaya, which was a LOT of fun, although somewhat overpriced (6400 Yen for mushrooms? Okay, even though they were matsutake, that's still a lot!)

        Of all the places we went, we most enjoyed Sushi Dai in the Tsukiji Market, Ten Ichi for Tempura and Gonpachi for casual...but it was in Kyoto that we had our best meals: Tofujaya for tofu kaiseki, Mishima-tei (unreal sukiyaki!) and by far the most amazing, Misogui-gawa (on Pontocho), which was comparable to a state-of-the-art three-star Michelin establishment...our lunch at Misogui-gawa was rivaled only by a similarly spectacular one at Taillevent last year.

        Thanks for all your suggestions!

        1. Sorry I cant help, I am still waiting for a recommendation for a Japanese restaurant for lunch and dinner in Kyoto - staying in the higashiyama district.
          Sorry but what is misogui-gawa?

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            Misogui-gawa is a French kaiseki style restaurant in Kyoto, located at Sanjo-sagaru, Pontocho, north of the playground; phone 075-221-2270 to make reservation with Chief Attendant Ms. Haruko Tanaka. We had an amazing lunch there in October, everything was top notch quality, as good as meals we've had at Taillevant and Lucas-Carton in's more expensive at dinner, but whenever you go, I'd advise you to forget about the price, indulge in a bottle of great Champagne and prepare to be astonished.

          2. Chinese Cafe Eight is excellent value, but be warned - it is always busy (I can't remember if you actually can book) and you may find yourself waiting a while for a table. The duck and the gyoza are definitely worth a try. If you are broad minded, then let's say the decor will amuse you...