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Sep 29, 2006 07:23 PM

Nagila Moroccan Cafe in Wilmington, NC

Ate at Nagila on Wrightsville Avenue the other night. We had falafel appetizer, Lebanese salad, grape leave entree and chicken kabob entree. The falafel was excellent and freshly fried. The hummus and pita bread were also exceptional.

At $11.00, my grape leaf entree was a little over priced, as it consisted of only four average-sized leaves and a large portion of Persian rice (similar to a soggy biryani). The kabob was also a tad overpriced. It was four pieces of chicken and a serving of rice. Both entrees came with a choice of Lebanese or Moroccan salad. The Lebanese salad was very good. It contained romaine lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, crushed chick peas? and a few other spices.

We would go back again, most likely for lunch (too bad they are not opened for lunch on the weekends).

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