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Sep 29, 2006 07:08 PM


For my 10th anniversary I want to take my wife out for a spectacular tasting menu with wine pairings. Cost is (almost) no object.

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  1. Babbo is pretty good at this if you're a fan of Italian wines (I am).

    1. I also love Babbo - but the word "spectacular" makes me only think of Le Bernardin. They have two tasting menus w/wine pairings - $215 pp and $295 pp.

      1. if you're interested in indian, devi has a delicious tastint menu with wine.

        1. For me, Cru is without a doubt the greatest wine pairing I've ever experienced. My girlfriend and I celebrate our anniversary there each year. The food is spectacular and the room is really comfortable. I would also second Le Bernardin although I found the atmosphere there a little "coporate" if that makes any sense. Either way, enjoy your meal and Happy Anniversary! Please report back!


          1. Two obvious choices would be Per Se and Bouley.

            The food is incredible at both...we spent an anniversary in each. At Bouley we did the wine pairing and it was fantastic. But I warn you the pours are heavy. We had the 10 - 12 course special degustation dinner and by the 8th course or so, we were feeling quite tipsy. And really were struggling not to get drunk as we wanted to savor the food.

            At Per Se (remember the bouley experience) we opted for half bottles instead chosen by the sommelier.