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Sep 29, 2006 07:05 PM

Apple pie or tart

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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  1. little pie company is my favorite

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    1. re: ida

      I second that. Get the Sour Cream Apple Walnut pie.

    2. There is an apple tart of some sort (cannot remember exact name or description) with a vanilla cream at Cafe Sabarsky which is out of this world. It is only served on certain days of the week, for some reason. Have it with their Viennese espresso with cream - heaven.

      1. OK, I know you are looking for a bakery, but I really have to say, one of the best apple pies i have EVER EVER tasted, is made by this company called Vermont Mystic Pie company--- its a frozen pie, you can get them at Whole Foods-- and I say this without reservation, it kicks my mom's and my grandma's pies in the butt. (they are both fantastic bakers). I made one for a dessert for my dinner party and my one friend practically ate half the pie himself.

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        1. re: brooklynflower

          Thank you for this tip Brooklynflower. I bought one of these yesterday and it was a very good pie. It tasted homemade! I like is better than most pies I have purchased at bakeries....

        2. I like the apple strudel from Poseidon better than Little Pie Company. YOu can do a taste test since they are only 2 blocks away from each other.

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            If you go into Poseidon, also some some of their more exotically flavored "baklava" - some of those in the back cases, with clove, gum arabic or such are just awesome. Similarly their easter bread, if they have it.

          2. You know, the apple pie the Cupcake Cafe makes on Thanksgiving is really good -- even though I don't love their cupcakes! It's a bit of a zoo and involves pre-ordering, but actually farm-stand delicious!

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              Im gonna say this - Costco is back to offering their two-crust apple pie (subbing for that ghastly caramel crumb topped things) still a little bit gloppy inside with too much cinnamon, and the apples are not as thin sliced and tender as I like, but their crust is good enough for a commercial bakery and their price is low enough to make it a really good buy.